Complete the following tasks:
1. Read the following scenario: The president of the student association has asked for volunteers to organize a job fair, to be held
in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Regional Management Association, and you think this is a great opportunity to try out your project management skills. The job fair was discussed during the last meeting of the student association, and there was a general consensus that ␣␣The job fair should take place during the first morning of the annual meeting.
␣␣It should provide an opportunity for graduating students to meet potential employers and vice versa. Therefore, potential employers in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors will be invited.
␣␣Organizations (potential employers) will be expected to “rent” a table so that they can advertise their organization.
␣␣Students (potential employees) will be expected to submit an updated résumé to be placed in a résumé book that will be distributed at the job fair to all organizations that rent a table.
␣␣The job fair is three months away.
2. Write a list of the activities that need to occur in order to make the job fair a success. (Here are some major tasks to keep in mind: advertising the job fair, contacting potential employers, organizing the résumé book and getting it printed in advance, arranging for the setup of tables. You may think of others.)
3. Create a work breakdown structure.
4. Propose a Gantt chart.
 Please be sure to use APA style formatting for this 
min of 1100 words

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