2 questions

1: According to Mintzberg, understanding how strategy can be viewed as a plan, as a ploy, as a position, as a pattern, and as a perspective is important Each of these five ways of thinking about strategy is necessary for understanding what strategy is, but none of them alone is sufficient to master the concept. 
**In this post you should answer the following:
What is your definition of strategic management?
Pick a company and determine which view as defined by Mintzberg best describes their strategy, and why?

2:Many skills and abilities separate effective strategic leaders like Howard Schultz from poor strategic leaders. One of them is the ability to inspire employees to work hard to improve their organization’s performance. Effective strategic leaders are able to convince employees to embrace lofty ambitions and move the organization forward. In contrast, poor strategic leaders struggle to rally their people and channel their collective energy in a positive direction
**In this post you should answer the following:
Pick a company and identify their vision, mission, and goals. Using the course textbook definitions, provide your own assessment of how effective they are in reaching the public and well aligned they are with each.

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2 questions
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