Posted: July 26th, 2021

400967 Health Economics and Comparative Health Systems 8


Quite a few jurisdictions have utterly totally different effectively being care strategies and channels of its provide to the victims. The effectively being care professionals use quite a few guidelines to search out the choices to their challenges that they face on utterly totally different occasions. Some nations have utterly differing types of help for the effectively being covers for his or her victims. For instance, Australia has every the publicly funded care (Medicare) and the privately funded care (insurance coverage protection covers). Totally different nations have totally different sorts of effectively being funding. On this essay, we will likely be presenting on the comparability between the effectively being care system of Australia and that of India.

Question ONE: Factors coping with the effectively being care strategies

These two nations have distinct challenges that they face on the day-to-day basis. In India, there are a variety of factors that its effectively being care sector faces along with the following. India has a difficulty of neglecting the people residing throughout the rural areas, use of imported strategies of effectively being care, inequality in social factors, an inconsistent outlay of effectively being, and the dearth of ample effectively being personnel. Totally different factors that they face embrace the extreme value of effectively being care, poor infrastructure, and inadequate medical evaluation on tropical diseases regardless that the Homeopathy, Ayurveda, and Unani strategies are put in place (Kavitha, Kannan, & Kotteswaran, 2016).

Question TWO: Authorities contribution to effectively being care strategies in these nations

The effectively being care funding by the federal authorities could possibly be very low as solely a fifth of the federal authorities’s allotted funds attain and help the low-income residents if the nation. In addition to, the value of medicines could possibly be very extreme and varies from one drug to a special (Golechha, 2015). This actuality signifies that the poor people throughout the nation do not entry these medical suppliers by the federal authorities. Nonetheless, within the occasion that they really should entry these medical suppliers, they're pressured to spend all their sources in an effort to stay alive.

Nonetheless, Australia funds its effectively being care by the combo of every the non-public (medical insurance coverage covers) and the publicly funded (Medicare) for the residents (Almutairi & Al Shamsi, 2018). In addition to, the nation has acquired totally different covers for the medical options along with motorcar cowl, employee compensation schemes, and the quilt for the indigenous Australians.


Question THREE: Effectively being care strategies to be adopted

Since India has acquired a poor effectively being care system and funding than the Australian, it is environment friendly if the nation adopts quite a lot of strategies from Australia paying homage to having many effectively being professionals. Secondly, the Indian authorities ought to reinforce their think about people residing throughout the rural areas to guarantee that even care is distributed. Lastly, India ought to focus on the treatment of certain diseases to lower the effectively being care costs.


India ought to make some changes to its effectively being care along with the rise in its public spending and allocation on most of the people accessed care (Srinivasan, 2010). Secondly, the corrupt medical provide system must be abolished. This act will guarantee that the allotted medicines attain the targeted victims at a decrease price barely than being supplied on the counters of varied pharmacies (Pandve & Pandve, 2013).



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