500 words Public Health Discussion Implementation

  Due 4/25 10 p.m EST

Discussion: Implementation
Topic : Prescription Drug Overdose
Target Audience: Young Adults

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500 words Public Health Discussion Implementation
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Initial posting this week must be 500 words (not including references). Min 4
Effective implementation of a public health campaign includes strategic marketing methods, appropriate timing, and monitoring (Resnick & Siegel, 2013). Review your communication plan and consider ways you plan to implement your campaign and how the timing is critical to its success.
It is not uncommon to experience some barriers in the implementation of a public health campaign. For example, funding sources might be delayed, stakeholders in communities may decide to withdraw their participation, or technology may temporarily collapse. Consider possible barriers or challenges you might face in the implementation of your public health campaign and how you might address those barriers.
With these thoughts in mind:

Post a brief explanation of how you might implement your public health campaign. Then explain two potential barriers which might impact the implementation process and one way you might address one barrier. Be specific and use examples to illustrate your points.


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