7 up video response

Seven Up (Bruce) During the documentary, many of the fundamental concepts of development over the lifep were displayed. Out of the “seven up” group I decided to focus on Bruce. Although the group of seven came from a very diverse socioeconomic background they are all British. I was particularly interested in how Bruce would turn out, in regards to his influences of culture, class, socioeconomic status, personal attributes, and available role models. In the Bruce’s background I observed that he seemed to be a little better off than the others in the group of seven.
I say this because his family sent him off to a boarding school. Boarding schools can be rather expensive relative to the institution. They are also a little stricter in disciple and learning, with a very robust discipline system. As far as socioeconomic class, I believe Bruce may have a better chance at succeeding because, according to our Human development book, “High socioeconomic status is an important predictor of academic success, according to a study… “. One of Bruce’s main sources for influence is his boarding school environment.
Bruce states, “l think discipline is fair enough” which contradicts what he film says about the average 7 year not thinking too much or not understanding discipline. The film also says, “This distinction between freedom and discipline is the key to their whole future”. It’s hard for me to make a creative prediction about how Bruce’s racial or ethnic heritage has or will influence his future. Bruce seems to be very calm, well organized, and confident. He’s a white British male living in England.

Ethnically and racially he’s at home with others Just like his self, so many of the customs, traditions, and language Bruce should be familiar with while growing up amongst others like imself. Bruce’s gender and his influence on his sense of future prospects is another area that is hard to analyze. When Bruce speaks it’s never for a long period of time but he always seems to reply in a short and brief but realistic answer. While some of the other seven talk about how girls “don’t do what they want them to” Bruce talks about how he has a girlfriend in Africa that he might not ever see again.
I would describe Bruce as a strong, calm and collective boy, he’s not as fidgety as the others. Bruce seems to be very confident in what he says and wants, this may be due to his discipline. These internalizing attributes might help Bruce overcome challenges in the future such as doubt and uncertainty that could arise later in life when choices become more difficult to make. My beliefs are that Bruce has great core values because, he works well with others.
In the film Bruce said that he wanted to go to Africa to help uncivilized people; this to me signals that Bruce has some type of either religious or ultraistic background which plays an important role in now Bruce see’s things. Assuming that Bruce’s girlfriend from Africa was black, and the people from Africa that he want’s elp are as well tells me that Bruce doesn’t have a problem with diversity unlike some of the other seven. In regards to the observations I made above I truly believe that Bruce will probably go on to finish school and go to a university of some sort.
At the boarding school that Bruce attends discipline is a big part of the curriculum; this leads me to think that Bruce will be good at an authoritative role. Possibly landing a Lead role as a manager, or supervisor, Just because he understood the discipline and learned from young not to have problems with authority. His knowledge of girlfriends seems to be neutral, he id say that he had more than one girlfriend, but I’m not sure if he was speaking in language that I misunderstood; meaning he had more than one friend that was a girl or he actually had a polygamous relationships.
If Bruce does have his eyes on more than one girl from young, then maybe the road may lead to divorce, but that’s not to say that he is incapable of change. Lastly Bruce seems to be very content with his current state of being. He doesn’t seem unhappy, but yet very certain of what he wants to accomplish; for example talking about wanting to go to Africa to help the ncivilized. In all I agree with the Jesuit proverb, “show me a child of seven, and I will give you the man”.
Although it served as the inspiration of the documentary, I feel like there is a strong connection between your personalities when you’re young compared to your older self. The fundamental concepts of development over the lifep were displayed while observing Bruce and it gave me a better understanding of how Bruce would turn out; in regards to his influences of culture, class, socioeconomic status, personal attributes, and available role models

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7 up video response
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