Posted: August 10th, 2021

A Case Study: Existential Therapy

After meeting with Anna and following her preliminary evaluation I've decided that it is going to be in her best curiosity to draw upon the concepts of the Existential idea. Using the ideas behind Existential Treatment we're going to switch within the path of making therapist and client relationship. We're going to then work collectively to hold Anna’s consciousness and unconsciousness to a spot of psychological steadiness. Anna will uncover herself from inside her reminiscences, concepts, and perceptions to transcend her restricted self- consciousness.

Our focus will in all probability be on “what” her current factors are presently uncover the attainable causes uncover thought patterns, mirror, and check out different methods to grasp circumstances altering thought patterns and behaviors thus resolving the current “What” or disturbance presently troubling Anna’s life. Anna will use exploration and client led talking methods to reveal any reoccurring concepts, behaviors, or emotions to counsel a pattern and correlation of thought collectively together with her present.

Although we're using methods that check out earlier reminiscences, emotions, and behaviors we aren't specializing within the “why” of her current disturbances and by no means even the current behaviors, emotions, or reactions which is perhaps hindering her choices and administration in her life needed for her to have a further optimistic self-image.

Anna then can create objective for all occasions circumstances via good concepts which is ready to assist a further vital and religious progress. She is going to in all probability be asking herself questions resembling “Who am I?” and “What is the objective of life?” By exploring these questions, gaining a higher understanding of self, then reflecting upon them we anticipate that she's going to find new perspective and consciousness about herself, which will relieve her from the psychological distress with which she is at current affected by.

(Murdock, 2012)

How will in all probability be used throughout the counseling course of for client

Our objective is to get Anna to share particulars about her current life circumstances and as well as her earlier experiences, her recollections from her childhood, her reminiscences. We're going to work collectively as therapist and client to find all of Anna’s how does she view her relationships with others, her environment, and the way in which she views herself. Anna will share particulars about every her earlier and present circumstances, and the way in which she reacted to such incidences on the time, and the way in which she is at current reacting to her present circumstances in life. Collectively we're going to work at discovering patterns and repetitious behaviors, seeking the causes of any reoccurring behaviors or concepts. Any anxieties she comes all through will in all probability be explored for fears of isolation, loneliness, and dying. Anna will research to moreover life for what it is in additional wholesome strategies, and to take responsibility and administration of her life by altering her self-perceptions and reactions to her environment and totally different peoples have an effect on. Anna will in all probability be reflecting upon her reminiscences, and about how these experiences made her actually really feel along with how she is at current feeling about her present life circumstances.

Anna and I, will discuss how she copes in traumatic events. (Sue 1987) All this method of converse, exploration, discovery, analysis, and reflection will work to get Anna to non-public her freedom with out concern, as a result of the one accountable and answerable for her private enchancment via her healthful concepts and actions of her will. She's going to find which suggests of herself and life and develop new concepts and behaviors which is perhaps encouraging, thus allowing her to be “true to herself”. Anna will uncover enrichment, and renewed energy which will enliven her to the place she's going to find her moral and which suggests and objective in life. I chosen the Existential and behaviorist idea and to utilize its methods of treatment in Anna’s case analysis over the other theories, because of she was candidate for a worthwhile consequence in remedy. This idea focuses on notion and altering distorted thought patterns which is perhaps the rationale for current disturbances via reactive behaviors in a single’s life. I really feel this idea will present a worthwhile client consequence for Anna when treating her character problems with despair, and nervousness. (Murdock 2012)

Counseling Targets and Interventions

The first purpose of existential treatment is to permit Anna to start being further truthful with herself, and to realize an even bigger new perspective about how she views the world and herself. The goal is for Anna to raised understand and mirror upon the teachings she discovers in her earlier, and use them as a data for the long term. I will intention to help facilitate Anna’s motivation to One among many counseling targets will in all probability be to work collectively as therapist and client to hold consciousness to Anna’s consciousness so she's going to uncover wholeness and psychological steadiness.

As quickly as we stock collectively every the unconsciousness and the consciousness of Anna’s concepts and behaviors Anna can have discount from her psychological struggling and actually uncover which suggests to it. We moreover have to realign Anna’s conscious and unconscious options of her character by discovering objective and which suggests for her behaviors, concepts, and scenario, and through her enchancment of newest values. Jungian makes use of symbols which will instantly appear in client wishes, daily lives, duties of creativity, and their fantasies. A lot of these are similar to footage in myths, religion and traditions. Focus of these footage makes energy that creates footage that lead to impulses

Jungian Thought: A protracted Time interval Dedication for Counseling

This idea requires analysis which requires the treatment to be occurring on frequent basis and the counseling lessons are anticipated to be of extreme depth. Lessons will in all probability be scheduled one to four events each week and it is attainable for even 5 or further lessons per week to be decided. Every client and affected particular person work to find out what may be most helpful time period needed for the patron’s specific desires in counseling. Often the counseling course of aligned with this idea extends over quite a lot of years and can go even longer if needed. (Murdock 2012)

The counselor’s and client’s perform in counseling?

The counselor and client roles in Anna’s counseling will in all probability be shared in a number of areas resembling extreme dedication to counseling since this kind is one which requires long-term treatment over quite a lot of years. The counselor’s perform is to help the patron cope with their experiences of their daily life, earlier reminiscences, relationships, feelings and reactions to these experiences, reflection, and exploration of the patron’s wishes. By the use of the interaction and energy of the connection between the patron and the therapist choices are made collectively regarding the counseling course of. The buyer is anticipated to share information the counselor is the analyst although the patron shares throughout the analyzing of the information and choices to be made.

Confidentiality is a ought to. The counselor has the arduous perform of analyst the difficulty of exploring the “psyche “of the patron. The buyer has the perform of frequently needing to take heed to their concepts and behaviors. Dedication, relationship, and cope with realigning the unconscious and conscious psyche in relationship, I really feel are essential roles in this sort of counseling course of. For what inhabitants(s) is that this idea most acceptable? How does this idea cope with the social and cultural desires of the patron?

This analysis variety does correctly for people who've emotional factors, have relationship points want progress and search which suggests of life, these on religious exploration, people who endure with despair, nervousness, and with the culturally varied purchasers when modified to the patron desires and because it focuses on a person’s “psyche” so there could also be not a selected character variety or mind-set that is required for this analysis to realize success and environment friendly (Addison. 1997). Proper right here the cope with all of the “psyche” of a person’s ideas goes previous the social id of ones ego as long as the analyst is culturally aware of the purchasers selection via the analytic technique of exploring the patron’s information and findings, there shouldn’t be any factors with the patron’s cultural desires being compromised. (Blass 2003)

Completely different important information that client must disclose and attainable risks of Jungian analysis Completely different important information the patron must disclose may be abuse, trauma, or another memory or important experience that had an emotional impression upon the patron. There could also be on a regular basis the prospect of rising a further excessive nervousness when unconscious reminiscences and/or emotions instantly ground inflicting nervousness that may put a stop on this sort of counseling course of immediately on account of potential damage for the patron.


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