Aka Anta! Aka Anta

She was beautiful to last. One day, when she was taking a stroll, she met a young prince who happened to pass by. The prince was very handsome. When she first saw the prince she felt a strong sensation for him. So did the prince for her. They exchange pleasantries and search each other’s feelings out. Everyday from then on they would go out together, until one day the prince revealed his true feelings to the princess. So since the princess had long et her heart for the prince, she didn’t hesitate anymore and at once accepted his love for her.
One afternoon after their usual walk together, the two engaged in a most intimate conversation under the sweet-scented plants kept by the princess. “Marring Magna”, how lovely your flowers are, but the flowers in our kingdom are far more beautiful and fragrant. None of those here could compare with them. ” “Really? Tell me where your kingdom is? ” “Yonder in those parts where no mortals can go. After a little while more, the prince bade goodbye with a sad look in his face. This prompted Marring Magna to ask the prince the reason why. “Well it’s because the prince couldn’t find the right words to explain himself. Well, because of what? What seems to be the trouble? ” the princess kept skins, suspecting something was wrong. “l must return home, if not, I will not be able to return home to our kingdom anymore. I want very much to bring you along with me, but such is not permissible. Your kind is not allowed in our kingdom. Thus, farewell, my love. ” “Come back tonight will wait for you here in the garden. Please, you’ll come back? ‘ “I’ll try, Marring Magna,” the prince promised. It was close to midnight when the prince came. He was greeted by the princess who waited for him inside the garden.
They talked for hours and hours. Their conversation almost touched on every subject. All the time, the princess wrapped herself tightly around the arms of the prince, never letting go. Suddenly, the prince stood up and announced, “l must leave at once, Marring Magna! It’s about midnight. If don’t depart at once I won’t be able to return home. Stay put. But I want you to remember you’re the one love,” as he threw a gentle kiss on the petal lips of Marring Magna. The princess tried to stop the prince as she grabbed his arms with all her might.

She could not bear the fact his lover would abandon her. While tugging at each other, suddenly the prince disappeared and left his arms behind held teen the palms of Marring Magna. The princess was shocked at this that she runs quickly to a corner of the garden and buried the arms. A few days after, there sprouted a strange plant on the spot where she buried the arms. It had wide leaves but no branches. A few days more, the tree shed flowers, everyday thereafter, she would visit the plant. Then a few days later, it bore fruits in the place of its flowers.
The fruits came in bunches, each bunch looked like fingers set side by side and laid parallel to each other. These became known as the first banana fruits in the world. A very long time ago, in what is now the town of Cantina in Racial, there lived a woman named Jamaican who was well-known not only to the people of her native town but also to those of the neighboring towns. She was greatly admired for her beauty and wealth as she belonged to a rich family. But above all, she was very much loved and was highly respected by everyone for she possessed a king and generous heart.
Charity was something inborn in her. Even as a little girl she would give kindly to each and every beggar who would pass by their house to ask for alms. She would also often go out of her way to invite the poor children in the trees to the house and let them play with her toys. As she grew up, she continued on with his charitable acts. It became a usual scene every Sunday morning when she came home after mass to see a long line of beggars, waiting for her at the foot of the stairs. With open hands and an understanding heart, she would see to it that their needs are attended to.
She would personally hand in food, toys, clothes, money and the like according to what each of them would ask from her. Her goodness was very much appreciated by her town mates who made her more endeared to them. Unfortunately, Jamaican was not as lucky in love as most other beautiful omen her age were who got married and had children. She didn’t fall in love again when her first love got sick and died. She remained an old maid even after her parents have both died and was left alone in the house. Instead, she devoted her time and wealth caring for the needy.
To openly express their gratitude and respect she truly deserves as would be fitting to one as elderly a woman she has come to be regarded, people began addressing her as “Aka Anta” – “Aka” woman and “Anta” which is short for Jamaican. Altogether, “Aka Anta” became more than just a name; the name itself became a symbol of “salvation to the needy”. One Christmas day, like all previous Christmas, many poor folks flocked to the home of Aka Anta for the usual yuletide giveaways. Short of their expectations, Aka Anta was not by the open window for the first time in years.
They called out to her but there was no reply, nor did anyone come to the window. They tried altogether to call out to her several times, but again there was no response. Anxious and all that, a number of them decided to enter the house if anything was the matter. As the door opened, they see Aka Anta lying on the floor. Certain she was dead, the women began to scream, the men made the sign of the cross. There followed loud weeping as they affectionately cried out her name, “Aka Anta! Aka Anta”. The more they were moved to tears when they noticed the gifts lying on the floor Aka Anta had prepared for them.

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