Aligning Standards and Learning Objectives

Instruction is based on academic standards and aligned to learning objectives. Accurate alignment will guide your lesson planning and enhance student academic success.
As teachers, you will constantly evaluate lesson plans for alignment between academic standards and objectives. This assignment provides the opportunity to practice aligning learning objectives to academic standards.
Part 1: Lesson Plan Analysis
Review the “COE Lesson Plan Example” located in Topic Materials. On the “Aligning Standards and Learning Objectives” template, write 250-500 words, responding to the following prompts, as they relate to the lesson plan:

What is the academic standard?
What is the learning objective?
Are the standard and objective aligned? How do you know? Provide a rationale. 
What is the lesson about? What does this lesson cover?
Do the assessments effectively measure the academic standard and learning objective? Justify your response.

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Aligning Standards and Learning Objectives
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Part 2: Unwrapping the Standards
Below your analysis, complete the template by selecting a grade level K-8 and an Arizona K-12 academic standard (different from the one provided in Part 1).

Write three objectives aligned to the standard selected following the Know, Understand, and Do guidelines.
For each objective, write a rationale supporting how the standard and objective are properly aligned.
Write a summary of a lesson that could teach the objectives created.


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