Alternative Breaks Essay

Alternative Breaks Essay 1. 2. I have always wanted to be able to give back to my community and my country. Getting an opportunity to be a part of Alternative Breaks will hopefully help me be a more active citizen. In addition, I want to be able to see another part of the world and broaden my experience by giving a helping hand. Staying in a different place and helping others will help me see the world from a whole different angle and will broaden my perspective about our world today and changes that are important to be implemented. I also hope to gain new insights and outlooks through new relationships that I will form.
I want to be exposed to countless different experiences that may influence the rest of my life, and may influence me to make a positive change outside of just my community. 3. I have volunteered at a local hospital since my sophomore year of high school. I received a wide range of opportunities, from meeting family members at different areas of the hospital, to volunteering in the emergency room, to also giving comfort to families in the hospice. In addition, I am very culturally oriented and try to be active in the Indian community.
Every summer, I volunteer at an Indian Saturday school which I have attended since kindergarten. I teach students the Indian customs and Hindu religion, as well as how to further their reading and writing skills in Sanskrit. I was responsible for these children for a whole week, and took care of them as if they were my siblings. I spend my free time teaching kids how to do Indian classical dance. I love being active and able to give back to my community as much as I can, and I would love to broaden my experience throughout the country. . I am a very approachable and dedicated. I am a person that can be easily talked to in any situation. I love being able to give help to a person when needed, and I constantly stay on task. In addition, I try my best to put all of my effort into what I have to do, and strive to understand other’s emotions. My volunteering experience has truly helped me cope with others and understand their feelings. I am sure that my stableness, perseverance, and commitment will guide me through overcoming any obstacle that I may encounter. 5.

My biggest fear about going on an Alternative Breaks trip is that I will not be able to fully aid a person or a community as much as I want to. I love helping people, but it does make me sad when people are still not completely benefited with the service that I offer. I try my best to please others, however when I do not live up to my full potential, I begin to feel disheartened. I am prepared to be strong and do the best that I can for whom ever needs my help and guidance. I will hopefully take this weakness as a learning experience to becoming a better person, and hopefully continuing to provide aid to those in need.

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