Answer questions below…..

This week’s lesson discussed the stages of moral development as well as a variety of moral intensity factors. Consider and comment on the following questions:

1. Identify one well-known person today (politician, celebrity, etc.) who appears to be a pre-conventional moral reasoner, and describe how they demonstrate this? Do the same thing for one person who appears to be a principled moral reasoner.

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Answer questions below…..
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2. Reflect on the choices made by Wells Fargo in its 2016 consumer deception scandal, and describe what an intensity analysis might have looked like for those choices, in terms of the six intensity factors discussed in your lesson (e.g. for “consensus”, briefly discuss how widely agreed it was that the actions taken by the banks were wrong, then do the same assessment for “probability of harm”, “imminence of harm”, etc.).

Instructions:  Must be at least 300 words.  Important: Citing of sources is never required for forums.
Forum rubric is in the ‘Resources’ section of the webcourse.



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