art appreciation

“Visit” a few of these exhibitions online.
Pick two works of art to write a paper about. The can be from different exhibitions or the ssame…go with your gut and write about things that interest you. Here is the prompt: 

Please select 2 works of art from your museum visit (they do not have to be on your scavenger hunt) to compare and contrast in a 2 page paper (750-1000 words, single spaced, 12 pt font)

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art appreciation
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Analyze and discuss the different ways the artists have used the visual elements such as color, contrast, balance – etc.
How do you think the cultural and historical background of the artists might have     influenced the way their work looks?  
What conclusions can you reach about the artist’s time period and his or her views of their world? Some things you might want to consider: spirituality, politics, economics, race or ethnicity, gender or gender identity, ecological issues, materials and process.
Do the two works share any similar ideas, approaches to subject or use of materials?
What do you think the artists are trying to communicate in their work?


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