Posted: August 11th, 2021

Biocon Case Analysis

Situation Analysis:

• Biocon is an Indian Drug agency that has superior by means of the years:

▪ It was an enzyme producer for meals commerce and developed expertise in assorted fermentation processes

▪ With a function to get into a good larger & sooner rising market, it started manufacturing small molecule generic medication like Statins and gained 15-20% share of the market

▪ Later it entered into large molecules market like Insulin attributable to an unlimited worldwide market and a rising diabetic inhabitants in India. Its expertise in fermentation course of helped it inside the manufacturing of insulin.

It captured 10% market share by pricing the product 20% lesser than rivals

▪ Because of the Indian drug market was maturing, Biocon wished to produce proprietary medication like oral insulin and BIOMAb most cancers drug which offered elevated returns.

• Now it has formed an alliance with CIMAB to develop a model new drug known as BIOMAb for treating head and neck most cancers.

▪ As part of its medium to long term approach, Biocon wished to develop merchandise in collaboration with totally different companions.

▪ BIOMAb would give it expertise in Mammalian cell experience, which was the way in which ahead for Biotechnology.

▪ It may even be a chance to develop a model new market and assemble new evaluation and promoting and advertising capabilities which can be necessary long-term success of the company.

Market Different of BIOMAb

• Head and Neck most cancers is doubtless probably the most prevalent kinds of most cancers in India, accounting for 28% of most cancers incidences and 26% of full deaths.

• Presently Biocon is planning to launch the product in India.

• Spherical 1% (1900) of the general most cancers victims have been anticipated to have the flexibility to afford BIOMAb in 2007.

• The rising inhabitants and rising financial system would enhance the market dimension for BIOMAb.

• In future, Biocon would possibly check out launching the drug in several worldwide places in Asia and Africa.

Potential Patrons and Selection Making Fashions

Biocon is specializing in the Indian market as of now and plans to extend the similar in several geographies. India has a very extreme incidence for head and neck cancers as compared with totally different worldwide places. Nonetheless, probably the most cancers remedy medication being very expensive, just one % of the affected victims can afford it. This amount is predicted to go up with the rising financial system (9%) and inhabitants (1.4%).

The selection making unit on this case are the oncologists. Since they're specialists on this topic, the victims do not give a second thought to their selections. Since, Biocon is coming into a completely new market and subsequently, it did not have base for coming into into the oncology market. Subsequently, they needed to concentrate on the medical docs first.


• Docs: They may current larger numerous for many cancers remedy. BIOMAb’s trial was based totally on a six-dose remedy. Due to this fact, medical docs would possibly current a clearer picture of the worth of the general remedy.

• Victims: As per the second part outcomes, the drug proved proved to be a relatively worthwhile drug in killing the tumor. Subsequently, it was a viable drug for many cancers victims. Moreover, being an native drug, it was anticipated to be cheaper than its worldwide counterparts.

Part-Three Checks

Biocon should conduct the phase-Three exams because of the below causes:

• Its competitor, Erbitux, was already acknowledged for its most cancers remedy medication, was moreover making a drug in head and neck most cancers remedy. It had already carried out the part III exams for a model new head and neck most cancers remedy drugand had very convincing outcomes.

• The medical docs have been already skeptic when the second part exams have been being carried out. Due to this fact, they needed to chop again the skepticism among the many many oncologists.

Launch plan for BIOMAb:

Biocon can launch BIOMAb inside the following steps:

• Launch Generic medication

▪ Biocon can launch generic most cancers medication sourced from totally different producers immediately (in late 2006)

▪ This is ready to help Biocon in creating its product sales energy and as well as get a presence inside probably the most cancers drug market

▪ All through this time, the third part testing for BIOMAb could also be completed.

• Launch BIOMAb

▪ BIOMAb could also be launched in mid 2007 by which interval the outcomes of the third part testing would have come.


• The competitor for BIOMAb is priced at $4000-$5000 per dose.

• Biocon’s objective is to supply an fairly priced and aggressive product.

• On the same time it should make certain that it doesn’t fall into the low prime quality image.

• It may probably worth the drug at $2000 per dose so that it is considerably cheaper than the competitor and it'd in all probability break-even in 5 years.

• Biocon captures 75% market share of Head and Neck Most cancers medication
• 6 doses for many cancers remedy


• The company should straight ship the drugs to the Docs which is ready to help to cut down the channel margins and has important monetary revenue to the patron.

• As a result of it have to be refrigerated frequently and have to be handled rigorously, native pharmacists will in all probability be together with little or no value.

• Given that number of most cancers specialists in India is way much less, it is less complicated to reach them straight instead of the usual risk.

Communication Program

• As the selection makers are medical docs, plenty of the trouble of the promoting and advertising crew must be directed at them.

• As most cancers is a life threatening sickness, it causes anxiousness among the many many victims and their households. Thus Biocon should current them needed assist and counselling.

• The product sales representatives ought to bear product related teaching which permit them to show and persuade medical docs, victims and their households regarding the sickness and BIOMAb.

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