Posted: July 23rd, 2021

BNURS20 Nursing Assignment : Communication in Nursing

Security, use of know-how, or communication in nursing

Medical know-how is overseas area that performs an necessary function in sustaining the well being of the sufferers. These days, info applied sciences are being utilized in prescribed drugs, biotechnology, medical machine and gear. Expertise permeates all the scale of essential care and enhances the communication and monitoring of the sufferers (Funk 2011). It aids to get very important info and facilitates the communication course of in well being care. Digital well being data are used these days to for the documentation of the affected person data. New and the growing diagnostic applied sciences are getting used these days for treating the urinary tract infections. Nevertheless, with the expansion of the data applied sciences comes the privateness and the confidentiality points. It needs to be remembered that urinary tract infections are sometimes related to sexually transmitted illnesses, which may result in a number of social stigmatisation (Topol and Hill 2012). Therefore, it is very important preserve the integrity and dignity of the affected person by respecting the privateness of the affected person.  Moreover as a way to deal with the wants of the sufferers, the nurses ought to have substantial information about using the biosensors and the microfluidics for enhancing the prognosis of the UTI. A few of the disadvantages associated to using know-how is that extra nurses would require coaching in info applied sciences that may intervene with the provision in the course of the work or lack of knowledge as a result of unauthorised entry or energy disconnection. Though it saves a lot time, however the in all probability reduces the prospect of nose to nose interplay giving rise to confusion.


Funk, M., 2011. As well being care know-how advances: advantages and dangers. American Journal of Crucial Care, 20(four), pp.285-291.

Topol, E.J. and Hill, D., 2012. The inventive destruction of medication: How the digital revolution will create higher well being care (p. 2). New York: Primary Books.

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