Brainy 7

Describe In-N-Out’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
Should In-Out adopt a high-growth strategy? Why or why not?

This case analysis requires you to analyze a fast-food restaurant case situation, answer questions, and demonstrate knowledge based on information gained from prior and current course material.  Course material that you use may come from the readings, audio lectures, and/or required videos.  In addition, two credible external sources (outside of course material) are required to support your case analysis.  Please see below.
Answering Case Questions

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Brainy 7
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Responses which are purely opinion and anecdotal are not considered to be substantive in nature.

Each question response should provide depth of analysis, significant insight, and application to at least one course concept from prior or current course material.
MAKE IT EASY to find your different responses by using a heading for each question (e.g., Question 1, Question 2).
DO NOT mix responses together.
Review the Case Analysis Grading Rubric.  A Turnitin score of 20% or less is required.  Submit to Turnitin Check link first.

External Sources:

Two credible external sources to support information required, one for each question response (e.g., Question 1 and 2 each have an external source)

Assigned textbook chapters from the course do not count as external sources.
Review the Case Analysis Grading Rubric.  A Turnitin score of 20% or less is required.  Submit to Turnitin Check link first.

Posting to the Forum:

This is a Q&A Forum, which means that you will not see any other student posts prior to making your own post.  In addition, there is a 30 minute editing window before your post is visible within the forum.  Therefore, if you wait until 10:30 p.m. on Sunday night to make your post, you will not have time to view your own post in the forum until after the deadline.  Remember to manage your time wisely, as no late work will be accepted.  


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