budget and timeline

this assignment will be based off two marketing assets (a mobile app and paid instagram advertisement), for a small anti-aging/ skincare services business. 
Part 1: Detail the costs of implementing your two marketing assets. Describe the asset briefly along with the cost. Determine how the cost will be allocated towards strategy, development, advertising, analytics, and post-campaign strategies. Include examples from similar campaigns. 
Part 2: Create a working budget for your campaign. Be sure to base the budget on research. 
Part 3: Describe the budget allocation. Include specifics in terms of the budget priorities. Provide the rationale behind your reasoning.  
Part 1: Determine the time required for each task in the strategic internet marketing plan, including strategy, development, advertising timeline, analytics timeline, and post-campaign strategy. Provide examples from similar campaigns. 
Part 2: Create a working marketing calendar that describes what parts of the plan happen at what dates in the marketing timeline. Include timeframes for measurement, evaluation and adjustments. 
Part 3: Include your rationale on the proposed timeline. For example, explain that the campaign is designed around a seasonal holiday or a summer promotion. Include specifics on the order of operations and dependencies. Use relevant theories and research to support your reasoning.

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budget and timeline
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