Business Essay 2 Pages

MGT 4220

Assignment: Sustainability Entrepreneurship
 It is a brief report on the sustainability entrepreneurshipof established businesses. Established businesses have become entrepreneurial in the pursuit of sustainability.  The purpose is to highlight and recognize the importance of sustainability in all types of businesses.

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Business Essay 2 Pages
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Focus:  Identifying the sustainability component pursued by an established business. 

Task:  Firstly, select an established business that has been in existence for at least 10 years for which you can find publicly available information. Some sources include business publications and periodicals such as Fortune, Business Week, INC, Wall Street Journal, etc.  You may also refer to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Second, discuss what this company is doing to be sustainable (how it addresses the triple bottom line of environmental, social and economic demands)

Assignment:  Write up a two to three page (typed) report that includes discussion of:
Give a brief description of the company (about 1-2 paragraphs) and explain why this company is of particular interest to you. (1-2 paragraphs)
What are some of the sustainability actions, approaches or mindset that this established company exhibits?  If not, what actions shouldthis company take to be sustainable?  (1-2 pages)

Lastly discuss how or why these sustainability components are essential to that business (1-2 paragraphs). Why is this necessary? (1-2 paragraphs) 
You must provide a list of your references. Without references, no grades may be assigned.

Due:  10/5/2019


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