Business Ethics Paper

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This paper assignment is designed to help you make connections between theories of ethics and business practices. Divide your paper into three major sections. You may also include a short introduction and conclusion if you like, but this is not required. The three sections should be (in any order):

Catholic Social Teaching
Kantian Ethics
Utilitarian Ethics

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Business Ethics Paper
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For each section, include the following:

A statement of ethics. What is/are the main idea(s) for this ethical approach? How would you explain this ethical approach to another student?
Make a connection with course content. Identify at least one reading from the textbook (a reading we covered, or a reading we did not cover, but no case studies) which allows you to discuss some important aspect of this ethical approach. For example, the fundamental principle in Catholic Social Teaching is “dignity of the human person.” I might use the Carr reading from Chapter 2 to talk about whether bluffing in business can be done while respecting the dignity of a person.
Make a connection with current business practices. Identify a current event which allows you to discuss some important aspect of this ethical approach. For example, you might talk about a particular company’s attempts toward environmental sustainability, and how that would align with the utilitarian principle to increase happiness for the majority.



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