case study 584

Case 9: The Hunt Room: Change the Concept or Just the Decor? (Textbook page: 584)
Guideline and Suggestions

Please read the “General Guideline to Solving Case Studies” before start. 
Read the case twice: once from top to down; second, by focusing on each statement
When you analyze the case, think professionally. You better review the related chapter(s).
Provide complete and appropriate response for each question (not less, not much)
Please use the framework as provided below (second page)
Using bullet points is the best style

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case study 584
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The format of the assignment

Length: Maximum 2 pages (remember: the content is more important than no of pages)
1.5 space, with Arial or Times New Roman, 11 fonts
Margins: 1. inch from left & right, 0.5 inch top & bottom

Assignments will be evaluated in terms content with an emphasis on originality, analysis, completeness of the information, organization of your ideas, appropriate, conciseness, and clarity.
Copy-and-paste the questions to an MS Word document in order to answer them.

If you were the general manager, what process would you go through to determine a new concept for the Hunt Room? (seeking your opinion based on the information provided in Chapter 9) 
What information would you seek? Where would you find this information? (seeking your opinion based on the information provided in Chapter 9)
What makes restaurant concepts grow out of favor? (seeking your opinion based on the facts given in the case and using the information provided in chapter 9) 
Should club restaurants compete with local restaurants? (seeking your opinion based on the general marketing knowledge) 
Brainstorm to come up with possible concepts for the Hunt Room. You should include décor and menu ideas. (Be creative as much as possible!)


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