Case Study Idea

Open the Word document (above) called Payroll Fraud Audit Instructions. This files contains the steps needed to complete this assignment.  Remember there were instructions last week needed to load in the software and there are videos below.  You may want to go back and review that material again.
Based on your use of the software, readings, literature, and the Fraud Examiners Manual analyze the case as follows: 
Work through the instructions on the Audit Program section of the instructions using the files indicated and print (print screen) the reports for each part as indicated from the software. Save these images to embed into your final report.

Embed these printouts into your report under the appropriate section.  Under each report you are going to analyze your findings such as there were x number of records found and x number of exceptions, etc.
Write a list of 4-5 questions you would ask regarding your findings as part of your fraud investigation
Identify who you would interview, what questions you would ask which person, in what order you would interview the people you selected (job titles are fine like the payroll clerk, CFO, etc) and why you selected those people in that order. 
For the last section of the report you will speculate on what you expect to find as a result of your research analysis and interviews.  Do you think the issues you found are related to fraud, errors, and/or poor internal controls?

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Case Study Idea
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    Submit a 2-3 page report using the template called Payroll Fraud Audit Template (above).  The 2-3 pages does not include references, abstract,cover page or exhibits.
    Proper APA format
    Minimum of 1 scholarly source from the library


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