Comparison Between Japan and America in Education

Every country perceives the importance of education. Any country that keeps their people uneducated or does not help to educate cannot make them as a responsible person. America and Japan both feel very strongly about education and that they need to have well educated people. Both of these countries have educational systems that are similar in some ways and yet very different in other ways. In order to understand the education between the two countries, it is useful to compare the system of the failure, school uniform, and entrance examination.
First of all, there is a difference from the system of the failure between Japan and America. America adopts the system of the failure from the elementary school. When the teacher decides that the student should take the grade again because of his or her inadequate understanding for the class, the student must take the same curriculum. On the other hand, Japan does not adopt the system from the elementary school. The system is used from the high school. In Japan, the compulsory education is from the elementary school to the junior high school.
Inside the period, the system of failure is not applied. In the case of the failure in Japan, thirty percent is the deadline in each test. In the system of the failure of the two countries, the primary education and the secondary education are completely different. However, from the higher education, the system is the same. Not only the system of failure, but also the school uniform is another difference. In Japan, almost all students wear the school uniform every day from elementary school to high school.

It’s good for students themselves because they do not need to worry about their cloths every day. Their parents also do not care about the cost of the cloths. In contrast, almost all students in America do not wear the school uniform. Some private schools adopt the school uniform, but it is rare to see the uniform in America. As for the school uniform, there is no similarity. Furthermore, there are the difference and similarity in the entrance examination.
In Japan, a lot of universities depend on the written test to measure the student’s academic ability. On the other hand, in America, many universities make a point of the student’s character. The essay is one of the good ways to make students express their own opinions. Although Japanese universities adopt the written test in the entrance examination, many high schools use the creative tests in the entrance examination to measure the students’ character. One of the good examples is the interview.
Interviewer can know their character soon. Similarly, American schools use the telephone interview. In the entrance examination, there are the same ways and difference ways in the two countries. Although there are many similarities and differences between the educational systems of Japan and America, it is hard to declare that one is better than the other. It is useful to compare the educational system of the failure, school uniform, and entrance examination to understand the education between Japan and America.

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Comparison Between Japan and America in Education
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