descriptive essay

Description of Assignment:
A definition essay seeks to clarify or illuminate a certain word, idea, phrase or topic by exploring the different ways it is used and understood in society.  In order to do this, the writer will rely on several different forms of writing; a definition paper could include examples, comparisons, descriptions, cause and effect, narrative and so on. 
The thesis statement for this essay will be very straight forward, somehow explaining what the topic is and what can be gained from examining it more fully.  After that, there are a number of techniques found on the back of this paper that can be used to achieve this goal.  A definition thesis statement may look like this: “Many people who workout are looking for a program that will bring about fast weight loss results, but they have not considered plyometrics, a type of exercise designed to create fast, powerful movements.”
This paper will be organized logically and will include several of the suggestions from the back of this paper.

The first paragraph must have a thesis statement and introduce the reader to the topic.
Use transitions in between paragraphs.
The last paragraph needs to summarize your main points, and leave your audience with something to think about. Here is an example of how you might organize your paper.
The paper must be 2-3  pages (approximately 700-1000 words) in length, comprised of multiple paragraphs, including an introduction and conclusion.
Use 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced.
MLA formatting will be required with three or more properly documented sources.

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descriptive essay
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Remember unity, coherence and adequate development.  Make sure you are proving your thesis with each paragraph, make sure the points are clear and easy to follow and make sure you have written enough so your audience is not left with questions.


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