Book reference: Hawdon, J., Ryan, J., & Lucht, M. (2014.) The Causes and Consequences of Group Violence: From Bullies to Terrorists. Lexington Books. 

This week, we reach a turning point in the course as we finish the Hawdon book on the causes and consequences of group violence. Chapters 14 and 15 in the book are very thought-provoking, so let’s use this discussion forum for reflection on those. 
Hawdon gives us several different explanations for what causes group violence. They apply in different combinations depending on the situations, from the genocide in Darfur or Nazi Germany to the use of violent extremism in Sri Lanka to fight against the state to bullies in schools and hate groups around the United States and elsewhere in the world. 
So for this discussion forum, take a situation of group violence — any situations you have seen, heard about, or read about — and apply the theories that Hawdon gives us summaries of in Chapter 14. Tell us what the situation was, and tell us what you think the cause(s) was(were). Feel free to use any of the situations discussed in the Hawdon book, any of the videos we’ve watched, or anything you’ve either personally experienced or read about. The key is to apply the theory. Don’t just tell us what happened. Tell us why you think it happened. 

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