Week10 6456 The DSM-5 and the Helping Professional
Please note that this is an MSW course. Please check Grammar and use some of the resources I have provided 
• Lebow, J. L. (2013). Editorial: DSM-V and family therapy. Family Process, 52(2), 155–160.
• Larner, G., Strong, T., & Busch, R. (2013). Family
therapy and the spectre of DSM‐5. Australian And New Zealand Journal Of Family Therapy, 34(2), 87-89.
• Strong, T., & Busch, R. (2013). DSM-5 and Evidence- Based Family Therapy?. Australian & New Zealand Journal Of Family Therapy, 34(2), 90-103.
Couple and Family Counseling and the DSM-5
an example of a specific instance in which you may need to consult with another mental health professional who utilizes the DSM-5. Then, explain how your familiarity with the DSM-5 may influence this consultation. Next, explain one advantage and one disadvantage of a couple and family practitioner being familiar with the DSM-5. Be specific.
Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources.

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