Discussion – Listening Skills

View the “Manager’s Hot Seat: Listening Skills – Yeah, Whatever” video case and then post a new thread to this discussion board that addresses the following:

During their initial meeting, what “noise” was present that hindered Miguel’s and Pilar’s ability to communicate successfully?  Explain. 
Refer to Table 15.10 in the textbook.  What components of effective listening did Miguel demonstrate (or fail to demonstrate)? 
What could Pilar have done to get Miguel’s full attention in the initial meeting?  If you were the manager, what approach would you have taken? 
How did Miguel’s behavior change in the second meeting?  What indicators were there to indicate that he was listening? 
Pass or fail?  Grade Pilar on her management skills, techniques and overall performance.  Explain what she should have done differently or better.  

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Discussion – Listening Skills
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This posting, consisting of a minimum of 4 full paragraphs, must include chapter ideas and concepts to support your answers.  Please make certain to cite any outside sources used. 
Please note: You must create a new thread to this discussion board before you can view any of your classmates’ postings.  
After reading all of your classmates’ postings, please respond to at least one (1) classmate with a substantive post” THIS IS INCLUDED WITH THIS TASK”.  To be considered substantive, responses should add significantly to the discussion by building on others’ comments, suggesting alternatives, pointing out problems and even disagreeing (constructively and respectfully).  Responses such as “I agree” or “I feel the same way” are not acceptable.  Make sure you substantiate any comments you make with good reasons, based on professional experience or solid research if applicable (including citations). 


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