dq wk 2

Dq wk 2
1.Why do you think seemingly “normal” people abuse children? What are some differences between predatory and non-predatory individuals?
2.What do you find to be the most important aspect of interviewing children who have been subjected to child abuse or neglect?
3.Explain the major theories of family violence that pertain to adolescent offending.
4.Explain a brief history of child abuse and neglect from ancient times to modern times.
5.Describe the role of child protective agencies in ensuring child safety.
6.Evaluate the long-term effects of physical abuse and neglect on individuals and their families.
7.According to “The Sexual Exploitation of Children: Taking a Stand,” what are the key reasons for the continued existence of the sex trade, especially in Third World countries?
 8.According to “The Sexual Exploitation of Children: Taking a Stand,” child pornography, despite increased legal ramifications, is still practiced. Why do you think this is so? What are some possible interventions that may limit or eliminate it?

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dq wk 2
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