Posted: July 28th, 2021

Drug Dealers’ Story

My eyes couldn’t work out the focus, as I skimmed earlier the neighborhood rapidly and however I couldn’t take care of any explicit object. My imaginative and prescient enhanced steadily, and each tick of the second my physique ached like the guts beat of blood behind a bruise. As I recurrently acquired right here to my senses I'll actually really feel my pulse thumping in my ears.

It took me a second to know that I was recumbent by the road, throughout the boring night time time.

What time was it? The piercing chilly was unforgiving. I had a leather-based jacket on, nevertheless my legs had been stagnant, frozen. Should not have worn shorts! I was besmeared with mud. It persuaded me to ponder as to how prolonged I had been proper right here.


The place am I?

How did I get proper right here?


I was unable to remember my title. I scrutinized my head for concussions, nonetheless it appeared high-quality. Then how did this happen?

Would possibly or not it is medicine?


How did I do know that phrase?

I checked my arms for punctures.

I'll uncover nothing.

Am I a drug addict or was this achieved to me? I stood up and checked out my physique. I wasn’t too youthful. I checked my pockets, found a pochette in it. There was little money- only a few money and a parking ticket dated October 26,2002,Berlin. I turned the ticket over and positioned a amount scribbled on it.

The freeway appeared desolate. Not a single automotive in sight. How might this be doable? In Berlin?

I began strolling and I seen a superb retailer.

I hastened my stride, pulling my jacket nearer proper right into a tighter hug and clenched my tooth .The ache grew slowly.

I reached the store and decided I needed to drink one factor not lower than. I walked in and seen an outdated girl behind the counter. I greeted her.

“Can I exploit the restroom ma’am ?”I requested. “I’ll buy water and some meals” I added as I smiled, “not with out spending a dime” I discussed with a chuckle.

She pointed her wizened finger in route of the once more of the store . I hurtled into the room and locked myself in. I caught a glimpse of myself throughout the mirror.

I had no idea whose face it was. I examined the rest of my physique and I appeared high-quality. Good!

I cleaned myself and walked out ignoring the outdated girl. I walked into an aisle and picked up some water, some painkillers and a scarf. I paid her.

Avoiding her eyes I requested her, “How far is Berlin?”

“12 kilometers”

“Why is the freeway so deserted?” I questioned

“The federal authorities is busting drug rackets, arresting a bunch of sellers and murderers throughout the metropolis” she replied attempting on the television.


I exited the store and seen a cellphone gross sales area correct outside. I pulled out the ticket with a amount and entered. I dialed the amount slowly. I was alarmed by the ring. I was searching for for some options now.

“Hello there ?” talked about a voice in English, my mouth unhinged from my senses. “Who’s this?”

It was a male voice. I had no idea what to say.

“Who the hell is that this?!”

Then I discussed the one phrase that I knew that night time time. “chlordiazepoxide”.

All I heard was silence from the alternative side. A truck handed by.

“The place are you?”the voice questioned.

“I've no clue “I discussed.

“I’m sorry all of this went fallacious”he talked about.

“What do I do now?”I requested.

There was a careless silence.

“Go to base and we're going to decide this out” he spoke so fast ” I've to go now, They’re looking us down.”


All I heard was a click on on. I walked out ,infuriated. The outdated girl’s statements related to medicine struck me.

I darted once more into the store. I heard police sirens. I appeared once more and seen three police cars tempo earlier me. I entered the store and seen that the outdated girl was staring on the television show. A story on the drug racket was being broadcast.

“Flip it off” I snarled.

I remembered who I was. Modified look. Drug induced amnesia. I wanted to close a chapter of my life which can destroy me. However it clung to me like a sickness.

The police had found the corpse of a teenage girl throughout the outskirts of Berlin. Her clothes had been missing. She was ultimate seen carrying a black jacket and white shorts. The outdated girl’s scared little eyes swiftly examined me. my black jacket and my white shorts.

I picked up a butcher’s knife from the stand and appeared her throughout the eye.

“I’m sorry” I bowed. She opened her mouth to scream nonetheless it in no way left her throat. I wiped the blood off the knife. I appeared once more at her lying throughout the pool of blood and shortly turned away. I wanted to get once more to base. I had enterprise to take care of.

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