Posted: July 29th, 2021

Family and Substance Use Disorders


The treatment of substance use points is a fragile course of since a poor implementation of treatment interventions may end in a relapse the place individuals return to drug abuse (Mignon, 2015). This extra worsens the treatment course of and the achievement of healthcare aims as a result of it turns into more durable to cope with the affected individuals. One in all many environment friendly strategies of implementing treatment interventions is involving relations throughout the treatment course of as a result of the family is the closest unit to an individual (Mignon, 2015).

A family shares natural, social, and economical factors and is devoted to creating certain the wellbeing of all members in quite a few factors. Relations get pleasure from understanding one another that may help counselors in rising environment friendly interventions best fitted to considered one of many relations by the use of collaborating with totally different relations (Mignon, 2015).

The Family as a System of Roles

The family consists of varied members who play utterly totally different roles that are geared towards guaranteeing the success of the family in varied factors.

An occasion entails a father and mother who're accountable for guaranteeing that the family has entry to crucial sources resembling meals, garments, and shelter (Shehan & Duncan, 2016).

Siblings have moreover the responsibility of caring for one another, as they're in a position to relate because of shared factors resembling an ordinary social environment and monetary standing. For a family unit to be purposeful, every member must play his/her roles efficiently which is ready to help in sustaining a stability contained in the family system (Shehan & Duncan, 2016). These roles define how relations must work along with one another and if one member fails to hold out his/her roles efficiently, it will doubtless impact totally different relations because of interdependence between relations.

How Family Methods Fluctuate From Custom To Custom

Cultural values and perceptions impression the development and options of a family system. A Family building defines the number of relations that symbolize a family, their connection, and the roles of each member. One family building is the nuclear family which is an ordinary family building composing of two generations (Wright & Benigno, 2019). This family system consists of a mother, father, and children. The precept carry out of a nuclear family is emotional and financial sustenance to be sure that all members have full wellbeing in varied factors. On this family setting, every member contributes to the success of the family in quite a few roles. Such a family building is frequent in Europe and United States (Wright & Benigno, 2019).

One different type of a family building is the extended family that extends previous the nuclear family building to include totally different kinfolk. On this family building, the grandfather is the highest of the family with totally different members having totally different roles to help the family unit (Taylor, 2015). Such a family building is frequent in Germany. However, these mustn't the one family buildings as additional family buildings are growing that embrace single households, marriages between equivalent intercourse individuals, and divorced households. These family buildings are influenced by the accepted cultural and moral values in quite a few areas internationally (Taylor, 2015).

Non secular factors moreover impression family buildings and the options of a family the place a Christian setting permits only for two individuals of the opposite intercourse to marry. However, the Islam religion permits polygamy the place an individual can marry a number of partner. In religious worldwide areas, communities do not allow same-sex households (Shehan & Duncan, 2016). The carry out of households can be a aspect that may ship a distinction of households in varied cultures. Modernization has influenced family buildings and the carry out of family methods. In same-sex marriage, every companions may head the family the place making choices and providing for the family is a process for every individuals (Shehan & Duncan, 2016).

Counseling Interventions That Can Be Used When Working With Households

One in all many advantageous interventions that may be utilized by counselors when working with households which have kids affected by substance use dysfunction embrace family treatment that entails relations by means of the counseling course of (Ahluwalia, Anand, & Suman, 2018). This helps counselors to collaborate with relations to make environment friendly treatment choices. The family is important in participating in quite a few roles to help thought-about considered one of their members to deal with any properly being factors along with substance abuse. It is as a result of the family provides crucial sources and a help system for its members enhancing the achievement of healthcare aims (Ahluwalia, Anand, & Suman, 2018).

For healthcare factors that require persevering with treatment interventions resembling addressing substance use points, the family performs a key place in guaranteeing environment friendly monitoring to appreciate the required healthcare aims and cease the affected individual from relapsing (Szapocznik, Muir, Duff, Schwartz, & Brown, 2015). One different intervention that may be utilized by counselors when working with households having an adolescent that suffers from substance use dysfunction is transient treatment. This intervention makes use of evidence-based practices to encourage individuals affected by substance use points to undertake optimistic behaviors (Szapocznik et al., 2015). Counselors moreover work together relations to develop extra sensible choices and inform them on how they could help and help the affected member to deal with this topic.


Although households might need the equivalent traits, no two households are alike as each unit has utterly totally different patterns throughout the distribution of roles, vitality hierarchy, or behavioral factors that kind the family’s long-term habits (Wampler, Blow, McWey, Miller, & Wampler, 2019). Ensuing from this, a counselor can't impose his/her perceptions in rising treatment interventions on a client as it will doubtless fail to work because of distinctive family variations. However, bringing on board the members of a family of the affected individual will help the counselor to understand family factors that may have contributed to the occasion of the properly being topic affecting thought-about considered one of their members (Wampler et al., 2019). The counselor might even include the relations in rising environment friendly treatment interventions to appreciate the required properly being outcomes.


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