Posted: July 31st, 2021

Final Version – Marketing Research Assignment

Evaluation Proposal

The Malta Effectively being Promotion and Sickness Prevention Directorate

Launched by: The Scientific Method Ltd.


The Malta Effectively being Promotion and Sickness Prevention Directorate

The Malta Effectively being Promotion and Sickness Prevention Directorate (HPDP Malta) targets to protect and promote the properly being and wellbeing of people residing throughout the Maltese Islands by:

Supporting and empowering individuals to undertake a healthful lifestyle;

Ending up environment friendly surveillance and administration of communicable illnesses;

Creating and implementing strategies for the low cost of the burden of communicable and non-communicable illnesses;

Advocating for the creation of environments conducive to properly being.

HPDP Malta needs to see the parents in Malta reside extra wholesome, further rewarding lives. It reaches out to people inside their frequently life settings to educate on making the suitable selections for one’s private properly being. Plenty of programmes are organised all yr lengthy and progress is monitored by the use of relevant evaluation, indicators and targets.

Healthful Weight for Life Programme

Certainly one of many programmes run by HPDP Malta is the Healthful Weight for Life Programme.

This programme seeks to produce weight administration and free aerobics classes to people aged over 18 years with a Physique Mass Index (BMI) of over 25. HPDP Malta moreover actively engages in knowledge campaigns to shed weight in a healthful technique.


HPDP Malta needs to carry out evaluation to:

Understand what MCAST school college students are for the time being consuming and ingesting whereas on campus.

Set up the first provide of the meals or drink consumed on campus e.g. meals prepared at dwelling, canteen or completely different.

Test whether or not or not there is a correlation between the type of meals or drink consumed on campus and the BMI of the particular person.

Test whether or not or not there is a correlation between the provision of meals and the BMI of the particular person.

Set up the promotional mediums that school college students adjust to. This knowledge is significant must a tutorial advertising marketing campaign be required.

Discover out about exemplary college meal insurance coverage insurance policies and plans in tertiary institutions spherical Europe as HPDP might ponder the introduction of college meal plans at MCAST ultimately.

Uncover why school college students make the weight loss plan selections that they make.

Utilizing Promoting and advertising Evaluation

Promoting and advertising evaluation will help HPDP Malta in its selection making by:

With a view to aim the suitable margin of shoppers on the correct time, one must to have an environment friendly market evaluation endeavor. It is going to replicate throughout the revenues of the company.

Market evaluation carried out by the company is perhaps every out sourced to an firm or carried out in-house whereas adopting worth environment friendly methods.

One can improve mannequin method and positioning along with mannequin consciousness and personification by set up traits and trades of students attending MCAST.

The language used throughout the promoting and advertising advertising marketing campaign must manifest the language that your prospects are acquainted with. Will probably be sure that the purchasers are further aware of the promoting and advertising advertising marketing campaign, due to this fact strengthening the outcomes of such advertising marketing campaign.

It is of utmost significance that the company evaluates their rivals to be able to greater understand the consumer’s desires and desires.

The market evaluation helps the enterprise to inform aside their strengths from their weaknesses, whereas establishing any weak components of your merchandise being purchased within the market in the direction of these of your rivals.

One of many easiest methods to cater to prospects is to concentrate on their market by providing custom-made merchandise. To realize this, one must have an excellent understanding of the shoppers desires and desires, by gathering information completely completely different sources occasion from surveys (Important Data).

Important information measures the effectiveness of the company’s promoting and advertising advertising marketing campaign. Moreover, it'll help the company set up attainable substitutes for the merchandise whereas retaining updated with the newest enhancements.

Qualitative and quantitative information assortment help within the technique of selection making by aiding the company to take a quicker selection and reduce risks.

(RAO, 2016)

Technique and Method

Desk evaluation

We think about that the subsequent secondary information (nevertheless not solely) is important for this endeavor:

Discovering the which implies of a ‘non-communicable sickness’ and the outcomes of weight issues on properly being and the nation’s financial system.

Finding out about Physique Mass Index (BMI) and the best way Malta compares to completely different European nations.

Understanding the salient components throughout the Meals and Food regimen Protection and Movement Plan for Malta (2015-2020) and completely different associated publications/authorized pointers.

Finding out regarding the nationwide meals and weight loss plan insurance coverage insurance policies adopted by one different European nation that should not have a weight administration downside. Subsequently, uncover examples of exemplary tertiary coaching college meal plans on this an identical nation. Examine regarding the menu, worth, meal events, college kitchen/outsourced, and so forth.

Compiling a list of Institutes on the MCAST Paola campus together with the title of the Director and respective contact particulars.


Undertake quantitative evaluation to determine what MCAST school college students are consuming on campus, the meals provide, school college students’ BMI and promotional mediums that school college students adjust to weight loss plan selections.

Quantitative Data- Quantitative evaluation collects information in a numerical kind, emphasising aim measurements and the statistical, mathematical information collected by way of polls, questionnaires, and surveys, or by modifying pre-existing statistical information using computational methods. The data collected could be utilized to formulate graphs or tables whereas depicting the information collected in lessons to make clear a particular phenomenon.

(McLeod, 2017), (, 2019)

Qualitative Data – Qualitative evaluation is factual evaluation the place the data collected in not in numerical kind. It features a construed, naturalistic technique to its materials. Due to this qualitative researchers analysis problems with their pure settings, with the aim of understanding the social actuality of people. (McLeod, 2017)

Reporting and Presentational Requirement

Reporting and presentational requirements

Progress conferences could be held on a weekly basis on the Institute of Enterprise Administration and Commerce in Paola. Deliverables for such conferences could be communicated on a week-to-week basis.

Some necessary milestone conferences would require a deliverable as follows. Detailed secondary evaluation report by mid-January.

Detailed sampling method report and information assortment questionnaire(s) by heart of February.

Quantitative information tabulation and qualitative transcripts by mid-April.

The last word written report with detailed information analysis, conclusions and proposals is to be handed in by mid-May.

Presentation of findings inside the kind of a PowerPoint presentation could be held after the submission of the detailed closing report.


As quickly because the contract is awarded, this evaluation endeavor will begin on the primary January 2019 and the endeavor timeline illustrated in Desk 1 could be adopted. We function, that between May 13th and May 22nd, we'd have provided our findings at your workplaces.

Weekly Train

Desk 1: Promoting and advertising Evaluation Timeline

Week Train

  • 1-Three Desk Evaluation and Endeavor Planning
  • 4-7 Questionnaire(s) and sampling
  • Eight-12 Qualitative fieldwork and transcription
  • 13-15 Quantitative fieldwork and information tabulation
  • 16-18 Data Analysis
  • 19-20 Final Report
  • 20-22 Presentation of findings


The total worth of the evaluation programme as specified on this proposal could be ˆ7,250 excluding VAT (ˆEight,555 along with 18% VAT), which includes all evaluation prices and payments, firm shopper’s conferences, an interim presentation, and a closing presentation on the buyer’s workplaces on conclusion of the evaluation.

Half Cost (ˆ)

Desk evaluation 1,000

Qualitative evaluation (12 depth evaluation) Three,000

Quantitative evaluation (125 cellphone evaluation) Three,250

Complete fee 7,250

Invoicing could be in two instalments: 50 per cent on payment and the stability on sub-mission of the last word written report. Price is due inside ten days of receipt of invoice.

Desk 2: Complete Worth of Evaluation Programme along with Evaluation Fees (Wilson, 2012)

Endeavor Administration and Sources

For us at The Scientific Method Ltd, this may be our first huge promoting and advertising endeavor. We're a gaggle of MCAST school college students, who're for the time being learning an Superior Diploma in Enterprise Administration. We actually really feel that we're educated enough in regards to the topic materials to effectively full this evaluation proposal.

Related experience

This half, models the background on the company who's doing the evaluation, highlighting what experience it has whereas doing associated initiatives. Some purchasers, might ask the company, to offer them references from earlier purchasers after being trusted with the evaluation proposal.

Our agency was long-established remaining 12 months, in October 2018. That's the main huge promoting and advertising evaluation endeavor that we'll be enterprise. We strongly think about that we're prepared of taking up and effectively ending this huge promoting and advertising evaluation proposal.


RAO, P. (2016). 7 Reason market evaluation leads any enterprise selection. Accessible at: < [Accessed 6 Dec. 2018].

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Wilson, A. (2012). Promoting and advertising Evaluation: An built-in Technique. third ed. Harlow: Pearson Education Ltd., p.32.

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