Food Report-Pakistan

Also the times of these meals are different as breakfast or known in Pakistan as “Cherish” is eaten afore sunrise and dinner or “Fatal is after sunset. As people are fasting during the day, lunch does not exist. Breakfast Breakfast is one of the three most common meals of the day, in Pakistan (Udder) “Nashua” in their native name for breakfast. The most common food eaten in breakfast includes eggs either boiled, fried. In addition, the egg is complemented by a piece of bread.
Although tradition bread is known as “root” that is eaten. Some other food accompanied by the already listed is butter on bread or other various pitas. In Canada, coffee is the beverage of preference in the morning, although in Pakistan, as they were formerly a rites colony, they adopted tea also known as “chaw” and this is their drink of choice. Lunch A traditional lunch in a Pakistani household is as follows: typically a type of meat inside of curry, some lunches include “Chicken Curry’ and “Beef Curry’.
In addition, to add variety to the meal, some households enjoy rice with beef and potatoes or chili soup. Another common type of lunch in Pakistan is “Deal Chalk”. Although, family lunches are not very common as the breadwinners are usually at work and return home for dinner. Although lunch for breadwinners may vary as traditional food is not eaten at work, due to its cent and thus they either buy food or have sandwiches for lunch. As no attention is given to the five food groups, some people may lack the suggested serving of the food groups.

Dinner unlike Canada, in which breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, Pakistan differs as dinner is the most important meal as the entire family is gathered together and the quantity of the meal in greater. Furthermore, dinner is served late in comparison to Canada as the work hours are longer so families have dinner at around In addition, families usually have the most tasteful meal of the day. One of the cost common meals in a Pakistani household is Brain. This meal includes rice, spices and other various meats depending on the person’s choice. Desserts include sweets such as Gulag Jam or fruit platters.
Family Relationships Family relations to food are known for to be very stereotypical in Pakistan as women are in charge of cooking the food while the men are the breadwinners. In Pakistan, the rate of employment of women low thus most breadwinners are men and the women are left to do housework. Also the food choices may be limited as children are eating the same type of food again and again and this limits their choices. As Pakistan has such a high poverty rate choices of food is limited thus children cannot acquire unique taste although individuals with a large amount of wealth proper.
Economy The Pakistani economy consists of a large part of the food families consume. If food prices were to ever rise, some families would not be able to meet the budget to be able to purchase all the products needed to prepare a meal. Statistics show that an average income of Pakistani household averages around 79,1 58 RSI. ; which further shows that for a balanced diet an average Pakistani citizen needs about 1 1,454. 20 RSI. Average families consist of four members, which would require 45,816. 80 RSI. To purchase a sustainable amount of food for the family.

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Food Report-Pakistan
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