Football DBQ

Camilla Pollen Ariel Pollack Claire Salesman Alexis Dorian Alma Suck On Friday night, the PHS Dolphins beat the Hamilton Yankees In an exciting match, ending with an unbelievable catch and a Pall victory. Though this catch seem d great, it became a controversial topic after the game. Many were left to wonder whet her Pail deserved that win. After gathering information, the conclusion can be made that the ball was caught, but not cleanly. This can be proven by the commentary of people rooting for Pall, such as Mr.. Married, the Pall High offensive coach.
Further proof can be seen through commentary of people rooting for Hamilton, such as Demerits Johnson, the Hamilton defensive back. Lastly, it can be proven by the commentary of unaffectionate observers, such as Owen Tyson, the football referee. Most people attending the game were rooting for the Dolphins, and almost every one of them agreed that the catch was made perfectly. Mr.. Married, the coach, claim De the catch was unbelievable (document 3). Any coach wants badly for their team to WI o his opinion about the catch might have been distorted.
Valentine Buff said he Simi ply “reached out and pulled it in” (document 2); his perspective also was distorted considering that his pride was on the line, and his team was counting on him to make the catch. Frill Lay, the snack shop supervisor, was ecstatic about the catch. According to Lay, from his vantage point, he was able to clearly see the catch being made (document 13). The enthusiasm from these people about the mediocre catch is simply an effect of the excitement about the Dolphins winning the game.

There is no ay all of these people would choose to be dishonest and lie about Buff catching the ball entirely. But, it’s easy to exaggerate the amazing quality of the catch, proving that the catch was definitely made, but it wasn’t a great catch. Even the people on Hamiltonians side agreed that the catch was made, although most of them add that It was Just luck. Hamiltonians defensive back, Demerits Johnson, when discussing Valentine’s catch, asserts that “the ball fell in his hands (document 6 He even claims that Valentine pushed him and the referee. However, it is possible that

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Football DBQ
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