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Preparation – Center Design and Materials Report
Create a list of materials needed for one center or area of a classroom that could be utilized in an early learning environment. Research your list, using your course materials and the Internet, justifying why the materials are needed and where to purchase them, and create a budget that will be needed to accomplish this. Describe what educational concept and goals these materials help achieve.
As you create your center, keep in mind issues related to developmentally appropriate practices and how your center or area can contribute to an environment in which diverse students feel comfortable and thrive.
You will be asked to share this center design with an administrator in the ECE field and gather input and feedback as to whether your design would be useful or practical.
Then, you will create a report that includes your plan and the administrator’s feedback. The report should be 2–4 pages in length and written in scholarly and APA style. It will be submitted as an assignment in Unit 5.

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