General Problem of Manual System

History of Existing System Taytay campus was established in year 2008, they have a library but there have shortage in books. In that time the students are donating books in the library. To borrow a book from the library you need to register first. Librarian required you need to present an Identification card (National ID School) during presentation if the ID card you are required to fill up the form to register in the library, after registration in the Librarian you are free to select the books you want to borrow. Once you have chosen the books you are needed the Librarian get it.
The Librarian keeps your Borrower Card and the logbook. Returning book, before on the stipulated date you, are required to return the book. On presenting the book, you will sign the logbook that you have returned the book and also state the date. Note: If you fail to return the book at stipulated date you may be fined and if you lost the book you will be pay. Users of Existing System Library System Library System has involved: * Librarian * Students * Faculty Librarian – He/She maintain the arranging of books and the silentness of the Library. * Is a person who works professionally in a library and usually trained in Librarianship.
Traditionally a Librarian is associated with collections of books. Library System 1. In borrowing a book. -need to sign-in to borrowers cards and sign-in to a logbook 2. In entering library -need to sign-in to logbook 3. In using Computer -need to sign-in to a logbook and give to Librarian your ID. Student – The users of the library. * He/She borrowed a books for research information Causes why students go to library * To get more information in their research * To research their lessons * To concentrate well in their activities Faculty – used library to research for more information.

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General Problem of Manual System
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