History essay

Factory or business employing workers whether or not they are union members; In practice, such a business usually refuses to hire union members and follows initiation polices. 3. Violated Act- The 1920 law defining the liquor forbidden under the Eighteenth
Amendment and giving enforcement responsibilities to the Prohibition Bureau of the Department of the Treasury. 4. Immigration Act- 1921 Act setting a maximum of 357,000 new immigrants each year. 5. League of Women Voters- League formed in 1920 advocating for women’s rights, among them the right for women to serve on Juries and equal pay laws. 6. Sheppard-Downer Act- The first federal social welfare law, passed In 1921 , providing federal funds for infant and maternity care. 7.
Harlem Renaissance- A new African American cultural awareness that flourished in literature, art, and music In the asses. Chapter 24 1. Great Depression- The nation’s worst economic crisis, extending through the asses, producing unprecedented bank failures, unemployment, and Industrial and agricultural collapse. 2. Bonus Army- unemployed veterans of WWW gathering In Washington In 1932 demanding payment of service bonuses not due until 1945. 3. Fireside Chat- Speeches broadcast nationally over the radio in which President.

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History essay
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