Posted: July 22nd, 2021

HIV- positive women and pregnancy


HIV- constructive ladies and being pregnant


Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a blood-borne virus transmitted by way of sexual exercise, intravenous drug use and from mother to infant by way of infant supply or breastfeeding. The overwhelming majority of people contaminated with the virus dwell in low and middle income worldwide areas. Consistent with the World Properly being Organisation (WHO) Sub-Saharan Africa might be probably the most severely affected space (Approx. 1 in 25 adults resides with HIV).
Women and women residing with HIV face additional challenges as regards to sexual and reproductive properly being. HIV doubtlessly impacts all dimensions of women’s sexual and reproductive properly being from contraception to being pregnant and childbirth. Due to the stigma and discrimination linked to HIV, properly being care suppliers needs to be able to defend the reproductive rights of women residing with HIV by way of additional care and counselling.
HIV constructive ladies have a elementary correct to make uncoerced choices about their reproductive properly being, being pregnant and care. HIV-positive ladies, because of advances in antiretroviral treatment (ARV) and enhancements in HIV care, can stay up for bearing and elevating children to maturity however, they do face necessary challenges in stopping HIV transmission to their infant.
Throughout the absence of intervention in childbirth, the prospect of mother-child transmission of HIV is 25-30% in non-breastfeeding individuals and as a lot as 45% in breast feeding individuals. This menace however, is perhaps decreased to as little as 2% if the mother follows certain protocols, along with anti-HIV drugs all via being pregnant and childbirth. These protocols however, ought to even be respectful of the women’s correct to make educated consent about her private properly being, and the properly being of her infant.


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