Posted: July 22nd, 2021

How can the Roper Logan and Tierney model be used to assess a COPD patient?


How can the Roper Logan and Tierney model be used to guage a COPD affected particular person?


Persistent Obstructive Pulmonary Sickness (COPD) is a gradual progressive airway obstruction sickness which may be a major set off of worldwide morbidity and mortality (Kara, 2007). Inside the USA, it is estimated that roughly 14 million people experience COPD (Kara, 2007), and throughout the UK, COPD is the fifth most prevalent rationalization for lack of life and incapacity (Elsherif and Noble, 2011). The sickness is a life-long continuous illness, which could impede many areas of every day functioning, impacting upon relationships, emotions, employment, socializing and sustaining independence (Elsherif and Noble, 2011).
Guaranteeing individuals’ holistic needs with COPD are met requires, as Holland (2008) describes, a nursing course of that utilises downside fixing strategies to ascertain victims’ points and wishes. The Roper, Logan and Tierney (1990) model is evidenced to be environment friendly in providing nurses with a structured analysis course of, to assist care planning, by means of focusing upon 12 actions of dwelling (ALs). The model identifies the particular person’s capability to realize, preserve and restore the utmost independence in these ALs, or to manage with rising dependence on others the place important (Kara, 2007).
This model guides COPD analysis practices by means of a holistic data gathering methodology, considering physiological, sociological and psychological options contained in the 12 actions of dwelling. This allows the identification of specific particular person needs which may be linked with particular interventions to help the particular person throughout the AL areas. The 12 areas embrace: sustaining a protected setting; communication; consuming and consuming; respiration; elimination; non-public grooming; controlling physique temperature; mobilising; work and play; expressing sexuality; sleeping and dying. Evaluation signifies that the model is environment friendly in enhancing the properly being outcomes of people with COPD in actions of dwelling areas much like enhancing respiratory options and self-management, although further high-quality evaluation is required (Kara, 2007).


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