How Life Will Be in 50 Years

In general life will be a lot better in 50 years. Some people can say that it’s true,however some may not agree with this opinion. World and life are changing on our eyes with the killing speed. There are changes in our life which are good for us,for all mankind,but also there are a lot of changes that are bad for people or for health. In my opinion life wouldn’t be much better than it is today and it’s possibile that it would be even worse. New technologies are considered as good by the most of the society and there is a tought that life will be easier and better thanks to them.
But is this a wholly true? Surely not. Computer is one of the greatest inventions of the 21th century. If we use it in the right way it won’t be dangerous for us. But even know we can see problems according to internet and computers so what would be in 50 years? Scientists certified that time we are spending in virtual world will be notoriously increasing. So… will we spend something about 12 hours a day in front of a computer? I don’t think it would be healthy for anyone.
Part of the society will be just unable to handle that and something that was invited to serve us and make life easier can lead people right into madness. However,new technologies have a good side too. In present there ale ilnesses and diseases which we are unable to cure. Cancer kills a million of people around the world everyday. Thousands of people get HIV everyday. Medicine made a hughe step in 21th century but not as big as to cure every ilness. I think in 50 years from now scientists will invite medicine to many different kinds of ilnesses.

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How Life Will Be in 50 Years
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