Practice the interview skills that we’ve discussed in class.   Interview a fellow student and then write a report that presents information   and recommendations to your readers. This project consists of an Interview   Report (preliminary draft and final draft).

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(1)    Faculty members who want to understand   the needs and challenges of students in the same major as your interviewee OR
(2)    New students in the same major as your   interviewee.

The reader is looking for information about the primary   concerns and challenges of students in the same major as the interviewee.
Your position statement will be   something like “my interview with ________ provides insights that will   help faculty to support students” OR “my interview with ________   provides insights that you should be aware of as a new student in this   major.”
Your goal is to provide this information and to make   recommendations for next steps.
Length Guide

600 words minimum plus Works Cited
Suggested Questions for the Interview

Before you conduct the interview, determine what types of   information you would like from your subject. Use the below questions to help   guide this preparation.


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