Journal Persuasive Essay

Proposals, persuasive messages, classroom practices Introduction: Given that students are enthusiastic about social media or even have expertise in some social media tools, the author decided to design a class project in her Writing for Careers (Business Communication) class that integrates social media in terms of content and project management.
This article intends to describe such a class reject design as well as the working process; reflect on such a practice by reviewing students’ feedback, examining the final products, and assessing the learning outcomes; and finally provide suggestions on how to improve this project. Methods: This article describes the project design as well as the working process and reflects on this practice by reviewing students’ feedback, examining the final products, and assessing the learning outcomes.
In concluding, the article provides suggestions for Improvement, Students were excited about the project because It was related to social media; however some students were confused because they didn’t understand how such a project could be related to business management. Different books, articles, websites, movies, and/or TV shows were assigned to help with the project (ex. Get Connected: The Social Networking Toolkit for Business, the Oscar-winning movie The Social Network, Conic’s The Backbone Obsession, Barack Beam’s Social Media Lessons for Business. Also a few articles (Tangelo, 2010: Greenland, 2010; Jones & Degree, 2011).

Results: The few students who disliked social media or were very elucidate to get onto social media had an opportunity to learn something new. Those who were familiar with some social media tools learned new aspects and features. This project gave students the opportunity to practice and utilize a variety of skills: critical thinking, problem solving, audience analysis, persuasion, and document design. The process-based teaching enhanced their understanding and application of what they learned in class and also made it possible to customize the teaching. Discussion: Throughout the project several social media tools were discussed.
Students were challenged to communicate not only their mastery of digital communication skills, especially social media skills, but also their understanding of the potential for using these skills in professional settings to target audience. In addition they had to demonstrate their rhetorical skills In persuading their audience in considering or adopting social media. This example of client-based, student- centered learning empowered students and increased student autonomy. Criticism: the goal of the project even after repeated instructor explanations.
Their overconfidence and overestimation of their own social media skills also hindered their completion of the project satisfactorily. Instead of figuring out what the business or organization needs to communicate constantly and effectively with their customers, these students insisted on getting the opinion of the teacher or the client had to tell them what to do. These students spent time creating a profile page instead of Justifying why they had selected that particular social media tool. During the project; time was spent teaching social media tools, especially the ones students that lacked familiarity with social media.

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Journal Persuasive Essay
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