lab report Francis turbine-varying speeds 2

I need a Energy conversion  lab report. 
Use the word template as a guide line for the report. 
Make the calculation for the data table and write the result in the data table. 
type a sample calculation for the data table. 
graph four graphs using excel as shown in the hand sketch on the last page of the lab worksheet Guide line  using data from the table. 
Use the format of the word template to type the report. 
Please elaborate on the discussion part : by
 making an introduction about the experiment
discuss the data result of the table 
discuss  the theory  
discuss each graph and the relation between the X  and Y 
 discuss each graph 
1 – volume Y Axis vs speed for X Axis 
2- Mechanical pressure Y Axis vs Speed X Axis
3- Hydraulic  pressure Y Axis vs Speed X Axis 
4- Efficiency % Y Axis vs Speed X Axis 
Note that all speed are rpm (rotation per minute) in all the graphs  
and also  use the template as a guide line 
The report will be submitted in Turnitin there for rephrase what you copy. 

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lab report Francis turbine-varying speeds 2
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