Legislation Legacy

Native Americans or the so called American Indians are considered to belong in the minority group by the White Americans.  They were in one way said to be like a third world country because they have a slow pacing in terms of civilization and improvement. Native Americans are faced with a continuous struggle regarding land ownership. (Komp, 2006)Their lands as they say had a spiritual attachment and they really value the piece of land that they own. Any action that would entail the sale and destruction of the land they own would cause great apprehension. This could not be realized abruptly due to the nature of the Natives to be submissive. They needed to have a strong and powerful person to assist them in kinds of need.
The issue between the Native Americans and the federal government is about the acquisition of land. They were at all cost hindered to have a land of their own. The government, despite the legislature that they must acquire land, was trying to bend the rule that’s why the case is in pending condition. This scenario could be accounted to the fact that white Americans have the tendency to take advantage over the natives because they were thinking that the natives do not contribute much to the making of their nation.
The issue is connected to the fact that the land of the native Americans are proposed by industries to be the site for toxic wastes disposal.(Komp, 2006)If this would be the situation, then most of the American Indians are now faced with the great struggle regarding their health condition. Although some scientist has cited that it would never affect their health, there is no concrete evidence that this is not harmful to them.

The legislation that is linked to the issue is the human rights law.  American Indians, though native, have the right to protect their possessions and to have a land of their own. Also they have the right to be protected in terms of health. And the fact that they were natives must not deprive them of the right to live in a safe environment.
Komp, K. (2006). Congress, President Still Ignoring the Indian Health Care [Electronic Version]. Retrieved August 6, 2007.

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Legislation Legacy
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