Posted: August 10th, 2021

Lemon Grass as Insect Repellent

Insect repellants are very important devices for prevention of insect-borne sickness along with painful or uncomforatable insect bites.And on of pure insect repellant is the lemon grass(Cymbopogon Citratus).Determing the effectiveness of lemon grass as insect repellent is the first intention of the analysis.Particularly,it intends to make use of the Steam Distillation Technique in obtainingthe pure components and vital oil of lemon grass equal to citraland citronella.Using two candies as assertion, one is with extract of lemon grass and totally different is with out extract of lemon grass.

In fourteen minutes,one candy that with out lemon grass,technique by ants nevertheless the candy with lemon grass is solely ignored by ants.The analysis has found htat lemon grass is an environment friendly and totally different pure insect repellent.The outcomes of the present analysis would provide data and particulars about lemon grass as insect repellent.Furthermore,this analysis will produce vital and associated data for future analysis regarding to insect repellent.



The members of this group need to lengthen their sincerest appreciation to the subsequent people who helped make this enterprise.They're the people who contributed lots for the success of this endeavor.To God for his reward of data and understanding to the members and answering their prayers of their time of need.To their Science teacher Mrs.Malazarte for educating them the fundamentals of study and investigatory writing and for exhibiting a considerable quantity of endurance throught cases they've an inclination to lack of hope and endurance.

To their father or mom’s and relations,for the unending love and help that they gave to the members.To the observers for his or her integrity and cooperation.And lastly to the people who contribute and helped this evaluation notably to the members want to lengthen their deepest thanks.



Insect repellents are very important public effectively being devices for the prevention of vector-borne infectious diseases.Actions to cut back vector-borne diseasescan result in primary effectively being options and relieve an very important constraint on progress in poor areas.And this insect repellents help to forestall and administration the outbreaks of insect-borne sickness equal to malaria,lyme sickness,dengue fever,and bubonic plague(Wikipedia,2011).Technically,an insect repellent is any chemicalor pure,that causes insect or totally different arthropods to make directed,oriented actions away from the provision of repellent.And lemon grass can use as pure insect repellent(Helmenstine,2011). Primarily based on an article of newest tech bio,lemon grass is a very popularand used for medical,meals and bug repellent merchandise.the lemon grass oild are utilized in cosmetics,soaps,perfumes,dyes and odorizes along with a whole lot of various merchandise.

Throughout the Philippines,it has an space named commonly known as “Tanglad”. Many repellent merchandise pertaining chemical coumpound like DEET(N,N-Diethylmeta-toluamide)used as vigorous chemical ingredient in insect repellent,in the mean time are flip to all pure substances as more and more extra detrimental data is launched.Lemon grass is very protected and is listed on the EPA’s GRAS itemizing(usually thought-about protected).People in every single place on the planet have come to relyon the potant insect repellent properties of lemon grass and put it to make use of as non-public and area spray.


A.Our widespread aim:
The ultimate aim of this analysis is to seek out out the effectiveness of lemon grass as pure insect repellent.

B.Explicit Goals:
1.To get the time(minutes)using stop watch to have a look at the time and size of the effectiveness of lemon grass. 2.To take a look at the effectiveness of lemon grass using two candies,one candy is dealt with with lemon grass and totally different candy with out lemon grass. C. STATEMENT OF PROBLEM

This analysis was carried out to answer the question/downside:
Will extract of lemon grass is an effectiveway of pure insect repellent?


If lemon grass will in all probability be extracted its pure components,and observe it making use of the lemon grass over a subject which will merely technique by insect,then if it repel the insect away,it is to be an environment friendly pure insect repellent.


The analysis will in all probability be carried out to seek out out the effectiveness of lemon grass as pure insect repellent.Extraction of lemon grass is through Steam Distillation Technique.The kids will revenue in all probability essentially the most because of data of insect repellent will enable them to forestall attainable sickness.By way of this analysis, the knowledge of parents regarding lemon grass as insect repellent could be will improve and prevention could very effectively be executed to stay away from further crucial harm to their children’s effectively being.


The principle focus of this analysis is to seek out out the effectiveness of lemon grass as insect repellent.Investigating the effectivity of these will in all probability be describe by assertion of two candies.One candy will in all probability be dealt with lemon grass and one different candy is with out lemon grass.The analysis is carried out all through Christmas journey.The data used throughout the evaluation is gathered via assertion and Steam Distillation Technique.

1.Stainless pot with an integral strainer
2.Curve pot cowl
three.Stainless or steel glass receiving vessel
5.20pcs. of lemon grass

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