Life without IT

Dad, you always say, “Ah…back then when I was a lil’ boy…there were no computers, cell phones or video games. Tsk! You young lads have all of ’em now, eh? We kids back then had to send letters, had to listen for our mothers’ call to have dinner, and we were fit and healthy as a horse! Humph! You just don’t know how much fun you are missin’…”
My, my, here we go again. What did I say about those “when I was a lil’ boy” stories! Come on dad! You’re so old school! Seriously dad, how can you possibly live without information technology? Now it’s considered a basic necessity to have emails and websites, and be able to call, text and access anyone and anything at all times. Imagine how desperate you would be if you deliberately left the house without any technologies at hand. Just for one good day…I bet you’ll probably cry for help. Okay, okay. That might be bit of exaggerating, but still, you’ll be desperate; trust me.
Computers, cell phones (well, not to mention video games) replaced life as we knew it. Is there any turning back? No way! They’ve already claimed the entire generation. Dating back to the 1450s, why did Johann Gutenburg invent the movable metal printing process? Well, to start the Printing Evolution and make printing books a hit! Why did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone? Obviously, to make it much easier for us to communicate with each other over long distances! All of the technologies we see and use today are crucial to us. Without them, I know that our lives would be simpler but what about “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”?

Dad, I’m not trying to criticize for thinking that your childhood or whatsoever is the best. I agree that life can also be superb if there were no advanced technologies. But since we live in the “Information Age”, information technology has become a part of our everyday lives, and we must admit that it really improves our quality of living. We must live our lives with information technology and accept new things or we’ll be cavemen.
So dad, how do you like your i-Pad I bought for you? Cool, eh? See? I told you so; you JUST can’t ignore and resist the new generation of I.T.!

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Life without IT
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