math logic and axiom

Design your own small axiom system. 
You should have four axioms and 4 theorems.
You must submit at least one consistency model for your system, although having more than one would
be great. Note: two consistency models are not required for an A.
For each axiom, either construct an independence model or prove it is dependent upon the other
axioms. Having more than one dependent axioms will negatively impact your grade.
Submit a proof for each of your theorems.
You must type this project! It should be easily readable, in a font that doesn’t cause eyestrain. It
should be obvious where your proofs begin and end.
Your consistency model and independence models should be done on a computer. Hand drawing your
models will negatively impact your grade.
You must submit a separate cover sheet containing your name, axioms and theorems for quick reference.
Your project must be stapled or with a binder clip (paper clip will not suce). Do not staple the cover
sheet to the project.
Creativity will be appreciated. But you will not lose points if you use point and line.

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math logic and axiom
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