Media Affecting Relations Paper

Please do the following in completing the final draft of your essay:

Revise your expository essay using the feedback received from    your instructor on your outline and first draft.
Review the media piece The Writing Process to    help you refine and finalize your essay.
Review the rubric    for this assignment to ensure you have completed all necessary    components of your essay.
Your final draft should be at    least 750-1,000 words.
Complete the following before    submitting your final essay:

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Media Affecting Relations Paper
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Read your paper aloud (to yourself or someone else) to “hear” issues with your grammar and sentence  structure.
Polish the issues found by smoothing out your  language.
Run spellcheck and grammar check (as a backup)       before submitting the final draft. Make any    necessary changes to address spelling or grammar issues.
Properly cite your sources both in-text and in the References    section at the end of your paper. (The Reference Page        is the last page of your paper and should ONLY contain        references. If you cited the work in the paper; the reference        needs to be included. If you did not use the reference in your        paper, then do not include the reference.) 
Make sure that the final draft does not contain    any of the instructors embedded feedback from your first draft.    These comments should have been corrected and the comment should be    deleted. Please contact your instructor if you have questions.


The paper was my draft and she hated it.

“I appreciate your hard work on this. One of the things you will want to work on is organization. You simply had too much information that was not relevant to your thesis statement. Also, an expository essay requires you use  at least 3 peer-reviewed articles to support your thesis statement. This means that your sources should not come from .com websites. I have included comments on your attached paper to help you finalize your essay. I also recommend reviewing the attached example essay to see how a thesis statement works in a five paragraph. Lastly, I encourage to set up an appointment with a tutor through the GCU Learning Lounge to assist with  paragraph transitions, organization, and flow. See rubric for clarification on point deductions. Let me know if you have any questions.”


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