Modern Saas- Traditional Bahu

She stays with her parents and her brother in Iambi. She Is full of life, always smiling, always winning other people’s hearts. She Is bananas, frank, calculi and mischievous. She Is the life of her friends circle and everyone loves her. She is a good looking girl, with long wavy hair and twinkling eyes which always have a tinge of mischief In them. She is pursuing her graduation In sociology and does extremely well In her studies. She participates In extracurricular activities, and especially loves to dance.
She participates in various allege dance competitions. She is also extremely kind hearted and likes to help the poor in any way she can. Once Mains completes her studies, she starts working in a MONGO as a fund raiser. Whilst working for the MONGO, Mains visits big industrialists to raise money for various causes. One day, she has an appointment with Mashes Curran, a very big industrialist. When he meets Mains, he immediately takes a liking to this lovely girl who has a passion for the betterment of the society, and donates generously. He also asks her about her parents and her family.
Once Mains leaves, e starts thinking she will be the perfect wife for his son, Valhalla. He finds out more about Man’s and then approaches her parents to Initiate the match, even though his wife Devil opposes the Idea. Valhalla and Man’s meet a few times and decide that they Like each other and soon get married. Devil relents and gives her permission as everyone is, for the marriage including Behave. Once married Mains goes to live with Behave and his parents, Mashes and Devoid and Vassal’s younger sister, Meta. Their house is very splendid and luxurious and Mains is taken aback by its grandeur.

She however has a wonderful relationship with her father in law, Mashes who is a simple, down to earth industrialist and runs his business with honesty and sincerity. Behave works with his father and helps him in running the business. Devoid however, is an extremely status conscious woman and is always worried about her and her family’s zeta. She Is modern in her lifestyle but she is forever pre occupied with the fact, “eke log Kay exchange? ” and this thought rules the choices she makes In life. Valhalla Is a good husband, loving, kind and attentive.
He supports Man’s when she ants to continue working after marriage, even though Devil Is strongly against the idea. Devoid and Mains are complete opposites and this sometimes causes friction in the house. Devoid is forever trying to control Mains, in terms of what she wears and how she behaves in front of friends and relatives. Devoid, feels that Mains does not know how to live up to the status of the family, as Mains was raised in a middle class family She keeps nitpicking Mains in whatever she does, may it be her choice of clothes or her friendly behavior.
She wants Mains to quit her job as she does not eke the fact that, “Mains sable Jake beak managing hat. ” According to her Mains should be a trophy wife and a perfect host to their friends and clients and should be the epitome of style and class. Mashes and Behave try and explain to Devil to go easy on Man’s but Devil refuses to listen. She forever Interferes in everything Man’s does. Man’s Is a smart girl and knows there Is no point fighting and causing bitterness In relationships and handles and approaches these situations In a good natured and tactful manner.
Behave is extremely supportive of her and helps her he way she wants by handling Devoid and dealing with her in her own manner. She does this by either being extra nice to her or giving her expensive gifts. This however is not a long term solution and Devoid too, is set in her ways. Mains soon finds out that she is pregnant. She is worried that Devoid will be an extremely interfering grandmother. Will that be the case? Will Mains be able to handle Devoid on a long term basis? If so, how will she do it? Will Behave always support Mains or will he side with his mother? Will Mains have a happy married life? Jane eke lye dislike…

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Modern Saas- Traditional Bahu
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