My Favourite Place to Visit

I believe that everyone has their beautiful place in mind. I, Myself included when someone asked me what is my favourite place in my mind always have a thought of this place run straight to it. I have a wonderful place that always make me happy even though I don’t impress with any place at all.
The place is beautiful and is part of city I love where I spend whole year in it. This place is my host family’s house when I being exchange student in America. Mecosta is known for being upright rural county in Michigan. However, it doesn’t change the fact that this place is the most wonderful rural county I have been to.
When I arrived at this place it was 9.00 I saw the front yellow-like-bronze color lamp in the yard with tall tree around the house. It was one floor house with front porch decorated by antique style table and chair. Also garage festoon by old coca-cola sign and 80’s style sign.

The time I was there I spend most of the time I hanging out in the porch or garage. Once I was locked up while my host family goes to town for groceries and I was relaxing and forgot that the door was locked. That accident makes me take a deep look once more inside the garage. It contain many older sign of bud light’s commercial and some board and card game. Surprisingly there is also a bar inside it.
When I feel worried I always go to the front porch of the house. The big tree around it and the leaves that falling down always calm me down. In the winter however the porch was covered by snow which looks even more fascinating than normal. The white snow cover the antique table and chair looks majestic like a knight with white shining armor.
Even I have been gone from their for whole year now this place still hold dear in my mind. The beauty of rural forest with wild animals and trees. I always want to go back their even if there is no one live there anymore only the remain of what I hold dear in my heart.

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My Favourite Place to Visit
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