Posted: July 23rd, 2021

NRS 433V Introduction to Nursing Research: Delivery for Renee

For Renee who has Hypertension problem, precautions have to be in place for her state of affairs as regulating stress is essential to keep away from losing her kidney, liver, thoughts and such organs from hurt. Moreover, if the stress rises an extreme quantity of there is a likelihood of the Placenta separating from the wall of the Uterus ("Fetal Compromise (Acute): Administration If Suspected", 2016). The thick meconium staining is attribute of Fetal Compromise nonetheless the totally different dissociating parts like regular baseline and presence of accelerations spell safety. So, foremost effort have to be at sustaining Renee’s Blood Stress.


The Fetal Coronary coronary heart payment adheres to the Baseline and the Fetal Coronary coronary heart Charge reveals Late Decelerations.


The nurse should additionally give Renee oxygen if wished. It is essential to intimae these findings to physician doc in chart. The nurse have to be alert and in a position to monitor in case of further FHR modifications (Van Leeuwen, et. al., 2013). Maternal place should be maintained on left facet. There have to be efforts to supply good hydration with saline fluids In case oxytocin is being administered it should be discontinued in such a situation.  One more effort is the administering of oxygen at 7–10 L/min with the help of a face masks.


This example is termed as is Sinusoidal pattern (Hotelling, 2007)


The Nurse ought to assist throughout the provide course of by using strategies for Fetal Stimulation. (Van Leeuwen, et. al., 2013)


Fetal Compromise (Acute): Administration If Suspected. (2016), 1-305.

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Van Leeuwen, P., Cysarz, D., Edelhauser, F., & Gronemeyer, D. (2013). Coronary coronary heart payment variability throughout the specific particular person fetus. Autonomic Neuroscience, 178(1-2), 24-28.

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