Posted: July 26th, 2021

NRSG370 Evidence Based Nursing Research

Nurses are the primary caregivers in healthcare facilities and as such, they're alleged to be successfully versed with top quality administration in order to boost their disadvantage fixing skills in in all probability essentially the most setting pleasant methodology in order to boost the victims’ satisfaction and enhance the scientific nursing work (Walker et al, 2013). In reference to a case analysis, this paper particulars the scientific factors that nurses face after they encounter victims diagnoses with placenta previa and analyses the potential targets that nurses can receive in order to cut back maternal morbidity arising from excessive postpartum bleeding.

Candace Evans, a 42 12 months earlier girl is admitted to the working theater for an elective lower uterine caesarian half (LUCS) beneath spinal anesthesia. At 38 weeks of being pregnant, Evans has been acknowledged with Placenta Previa. That's Miss Candace second being pregnant and she or he has not launched any of the sooner points exhibited all through her first being pregnant the place she expert gestational diabetes. Nonetheless, despair and nervousness have been realized following the second starting. Although the second starting was uneventful, it was estimated that the affected individual expert intraoperative blood loss at 150ml (Swetha, 2016). Most worryingly, it is realized that the affected individual’s vaginal pad had soaked blood with clots in it. Moreover, the affected individual’s confederate seems anxious and anxious to see the affected individual.

The evaluation of placenta previa implies that the toddler’s placenta had coated the affected individual’s cervix each partially or utterly. As such, this was the first set off for the affected individual’s excessive bleeding ensuing throughout the lack of an estimated 150ml of blood. Primarily essentially the most doable menace parts for this case on this case have been the caesarian provide and the age of the affected individual. If the affected individual doesn’t receive quick care and monitoring, further blood may probably be misplaced and if the bleeding persists, the affected individual might require blood transfusion and intravenous fluids. The elective C-section was important in stopping points for the toddler along with the mother (Cho, 2014). Although the kid had safely been delivered, this case severely threatened the nicely being of the mother if fast care was not provided to the mother.  The affected individual on this case possibly suffered from postpartum hemorrhage (Fan et al, 2017). On this case the bleeding associated to the placenta previa occurred after the placenta was extracted and as such, the bleeding started after the provision.

Identification of Nursing Points

The affected individual exhibited excessive bleeding that was led to by placenta previa which launched a serious threat to the nicely being of the mother. This example is the most typical motive behind bleeding notably in the midst of the third trimester of being pregnant. Subsequently, given the 38 week gestation, it could be well-known that the bleeding arose from some parts similar to over-sized placenta, endometrial lesions of uterine physique or placental abnormality (Sato et al, 2015). Equally, totally different analysis have moreover indicated that the first causes of this case emanates from an adhesive placenta and antenatal bleeding.

Although maternal mortality has significantly lowered by way of the years, analysis have indicated that antenatal and publish natal bleeding are a very powerful current causes of maternal mortality. In relation the affected individual, it could be well-known that the placenta previa resulted in giant hemorrhage which can also be subject to the successive caesarian provide. Moreover, the bleeding from the placenta previa could possibly be associated to the placental adhesion which subsequently exacerbated the postpartum hemorrhage thereby subjecting the affected individual to dangerous nicely being points that could be lethal (Kok et al, 2013).

One different disadvantage arising from this case was psychological state of the affected individual given that affected individual exhibited nervousness and despair. Ideally, pregnant ladies or mothers acknowledged with placenta previa are most frequently emotionally unstable and are sometimes unaware of the expectations in the midst of the remedy course of (Scott & Holleran, 2013). Moreover, they're in a state by which they can't be succesful to determine their conditions exactly thereby necessitating further care and help from the nurses.

The primary mode of movement to take might be to utilize a feed forward administration nursing model. This mode of remedy targets to have a look at, monitor and report on the affected individual’s vitals in order to kind a basis for the easiest movement to take in order to stop the bleeding. Alternatively, given that bleeding likely occurred after the provision, focus have to be positioned on predicting the time that the bleeding ought to start (Zhu et al, 2013). In distinction to antenatal bleeding associated to placenta previa, the time of postnatal bleeding is predictable since placental adhesion can merely be determined all through being pregnant. Moreover, the psychological well-being of the affected individual have to be prioritized given that the affected individual may probably be traumatized by her state of affairs since she simply is not completely aware of the causes of utmost bleeding.


Dialogue of the Nursing Take care of the Affected individual

Feed forward administration nursing model is significant throughout the provision of take care of the affected individual and in the long run ensuring that the bleeding has been managed thereby inserting the affected individual out of hazard. This model ideally items forth wise measures that improve the affected individual care provided by nurses. Precisely, this model accommodates of affected individual examination, physique positioning, monitoring vaginal bleeding and reporting, medical commentary and psychological session (Zhu et al, 2013). On this mode of remedy, the affected individual have to be impressed to rest on their beds with the intention to allow for enchancment of blood circulation throughout the placenta. In such a case, nurses should counsel lateral positioning for features of reducing umbilical twine compression or to forestall the inferior vena cava from being compressed by the uterine (Walker et al, 2013). Physique examination and, monitoring and recording vaginal bleeding time might be vital.

Nurses should attempt to make clear the prognosis of the state of affairs to the affected individual in order to permit them understand the rationale for his or her excessive bleeding along with cut back the nervousness (Cho, 2014). The blood amount of the affected individual have to be checked in order to arrange whether or not or not there's need to undertake blood transfusion. Notably, monitoring and reporting ought to permit nurses to take care of the affected individual’s common blood amount along with arrange grounds for performing blood transfusion.

Focus might be positioned on determining the time of bleeding and most importantly put collectively the blood, fluids and man vitality to forestall the bleeding points. As proof reveal, earlier C-section deliveries could possibly be taken as key indicators for bleeding points all through successive deliveries. Likewise, postpartum blood loss are sometimes higher throughout the second deliberate caesarian half deliveries due to placenta adhesion (Hasegawa et al, 2012). The preparation of blood, fluids and manpower might be important especial when there's needed to hold out extreme delicate surgical procedures similar to emergency hysterectomy. The need for such a course of may come up due to excessive lack of blood after surgical procedures or uterine rupture (Radnia et al, 2017). Although the hazards associated to such a surgical process are comparatively extreme, it may be necessitated in order to avoid wasting the lifetime of the affected individual and in such circumstances, success costs of these surgical procedures have often been determined by the preparedness of nurses, physicians along with midwives (Kollmann et al, 2016). Subsequently, it is the preliminary bleeding prediction that will facilitate nurses’ quick alternative making skills that will save the lives of victims similar to Miss Candace.

Psychological counseling should even be carried out in order to understand the affected individual’s emotional state. This counseling is in relation the affected individual’s nervousness, nervousness or despair that is exhibited by the affected individual along with the affected individual’s confederate (Kamara et al, 2013). Given the affected individual’s emotional state in relation the acknowledged conditions, nurses should attempt to make clear to the victims their conditions in a bid to calm them and permit them actually really feel further cosy.

Evaluation of Nursing Care Strategies

The aforementioned strategies are focused on bettering the affected individual’s well-being by notably reducing the hazard of maternal morbidity and catering for the emotional standing of the affected individual. The forward administration nursing model enhances the extent of firms that nurses current to victims and subsequently improves the affected individual satisfaction within the route of the scientific apply. That's primarily so because of the affected individual is allowed further comfort, allotted regular care dictated by the affected individual’s private desires and is provided with an excellent ambiance that hastens the restoration course of. Moreover psychological counseling ensured that the affected individual’s anticipated outcomes coincided with the remedy plans which were set in place (Scott & Holleran, 2013).

The encounter with this affected individual shades gentle on the importance of nurses in providing first-line care to victims. In such circumstances, the ability of nurses to make quick decisions is significant within the route of reducing childbirth points and most worryingly maternal deaths. Enterprise the above talked about set of movement plans might present to be the vital factor within the route of utilizing proof based practices in scientific work. Consequently, the needs of such practices improves nurses’ disadvantage fixing skills and their expertise in resolving among the many most tough situations of their work space (Fan et al, 2017). Furthermore, the utilized scientific apply can enable nurses to know the need for rising affected individual centered care that is notably tailored to fulfill the desires of victims who they tend to.


For a affected individual acknowledged with placenta previa in her third trimester of being pregnant, nurses need to look out for the potential causes of the intense bleeding which is likely to come back up from postpartum hemorrhage. In such circumstances, the nursing targets have to present consideration to reducing the hazard of maternal bleeding and ensuring that the affected individual is in her rights mind set to know her state of affairs. To realize such goals, nurses need to conduct a feed-forward administration nursing model, try to predict the time of bleeding and undertake psychological counseling.



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