Posted: July 22nd, 2021

NUR231 Drug Therapy on Evidence Based Nursing Research

Half 1. This case examine task is predicated on the speculation, ideas and nursing rules coated in lectures, tutorials and related sources.

Q1. Define the pathophysiology of ache in relation to pleuritis. Embrace the technology and transmission of ache, ache mediators and classification of ache. Keep away from writing about totally different circumstances and maintain your give attention to pleuritic ache.

Q2. Talk about the widespread fears and myths that intrude with health-care professionals offering satisfactory ache administration to sufferers?

Q3. Clarify why is it necessary to recognise an opiate-naïve affected person? Talk about how the nurse can mitigate the danger of adversarial results from administration of opiate medicines within the opiate-naïve affected person experiencing acute ache?

You're required to present oxycontin 10mg pill however the obtainable inventory within the drug cabinet is 20mg tablets. The registered nurse breaks a 20mg pill in half with a capsule cutter and asks you to manage this to Mr. Hunter.

5. Ought to a nurse administer a ‘damaged’ pill of oxycontin to a affected person? Apply your data of the absorption properties of ‘controlled-release’ preparations of oxycodone to justify your reply to this query, and touch upon what the potential end result can be for the affected person if this remedy have been administered after being lower in half.

Q6. Give a rationale for why nurses would administer, or withhold concurrent doses of morphine resolution (nocté), oxycontin 10mg PO 12 hourly and endone 30mg PR PRN to Mr. Hunter.

7. Relate the mechanism of motion of opioids to the adversarial results on the peripheral nervous system to elucidate how opioids trigger constipation?

At what level ought to laxatives be prescribed for sufferers taking opioids? What motion of Coloxyl (docusate) with Senna prevents/relieves constipation?

What non-pharmacological therapies might be inspired early to assist forestall constipation?

Eight. What are the benefits of the drug ‘Targin’ in comparison with managed–launch oxycontin tablets?

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