Posted: July 23rd, 2021

NURS 225 Introductionto Nursing Theory For Betty Neumann

Betty Neumann a nursing theorist was born on September 11, throughout the 12 months 1924, in Lowell, Ohio, was an originator of the Neumann Strategies model, an entire and influential precept of Nursing. She obtained RN diploma, from the Peoples Hospital School of Nursing, throughout the 12 months 1947, positioned in Akron, Ohio. Extra she transferred to California and acquired experience throughout the place of hospital staff, faculty nurse, and industrial nurse and a scientific trainer in medical-surgical, important care and communicable sickness nursing (Alligood, 2017).

Later a 12 months, in 1957 Dr. Neumann current up in Los Angeles, on the Faculty of California (ULCA), with a critical throughout the space of Psychology and Public nicely being; she completed her BSc. in nursing and in psychological nicely being throughout the 12 months 1966 from ULCA. Consequent the completion of her M.S. in 1966 she was appointed as chair/faculty member of the ULCA Psychological nicely being session program. To incorporate nurses, into teaching program, she developed a model to produce education to group for gaining an understanding of psychological nicely being, examined in public nicely being settings. Thus, she designed in 1972 the model emphasised adopting a people- oriented technique to the affected individual points. The Neumann Strategies model (1982) she conceptualized nurses who had a job to take care of the individual’s vitality system balanced to care for their sound nicely being state of affairs. In 1985, she then acquired doctorate in Scientific psychology from Pacific Western Faculty, and was awarded with an Honorary Doctorate of Letters in 1992. Three years later (1995) the Neumann Strategies model three ed. was printed. Thus, furthermore a faculty chair, she turned one in every of many first nurse, with a license of marriage & family counsellor, throughout the state of California, thus she turned a pioneer throughout the space of nursing involvement in group psychological nicely being (Memmott et al., 2017).


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Memmott, R.J., Marett, Okay.M., Bott, R.L. and Duke, L. (2017) Use of the Neumann Strategies Model for interdisciplinary teams. On-line Journal of Rural Nursing and Nicely being Care, 1(2), pp. 58-73.

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